Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sundin: Thanks for the add!

My coworker pal Glenn has achieved the what so many hockey slash fiction writers only dream of: getting actual hockey players to comment on his work.

Glenn, along with some of his Maple Leaf loving pals, created and maintain a Mats Sundin profile on myspace. Despite the many wry hints that it's obviosuly a fake (music interests: Peabo Vryson; a photo caption "Easy big guy! My horse Laars,"etc), many fans believed it to be the real Sundin, as evidenced by some of the comments posted on his page:

thank YOU for being the best captain ever!!!

ou are mine and my girlfriends favorite player so get us a goal

I picked up that framed pic of your 500th it's mint but I would love to get it signed.
That is, until CityTV came in and blew the lid off of this elaborate madcap conspiracy. The reaction from duped fans was swift as it was decisive:

It comes as a surprise to people that there r frauds on the net with NO life and
have nothing better to do then be posers?

FRAUDS!! damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Ok, I can understand someone being a fan and wanting to
honor their favorite player, but they shouldn't get on here and pretend to be
that person, they should have it, so it says this is a tribute page to Mats and
not act like they are him, because little kids get on here and they think it's
really him and then they will find out it's not him, imagine how disappointed
they will be

Your DISRESPECTFUL & You need to get your OWN life!
Actual members of the Leafs were less than outraged. Commenting on the the glossy picture above, Jeff O'Neill, or "O-Dog" as he's apparently known to teammates, makes a crack about Mats Sundin belonging to the Blue Oyster Club, a gay bar in those delightful Police Academy movies. Hahahaha. Andy "Razor" Raycroft seems pleased and Mats Sundin even has a nervous laugh about it ("someone's making fun of me"). The only one seemingly without a sense of humour is -- surprise, surprise -- that human piece of garbage Darcy Tucker. Man, I hate him.


Art Vandelay said...

Is Darcy Tucker the reincarnation of Claude Lemieux or Esa Tikkanen?

Duke of Spook said...

Darcy Tucker is an angel who is a member of the highest choir in heaven.
Every time Darcy scores, a little girl's wish comes true and every time he gets a penalty a unicorn dies.
So repent you non-believers! Angel Darcy is the saviour of the NHL and demands repsect for fighting the demons of the league.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you guys..."Tucks" is OK in my book.

Justin said...

Hey Mike, just fyi, in my experience, writing a blog is a great enemy to writing fiction. Hope that is not the case with you.

Anonymous said...

Will Covered in Oil just stop pretending already and announce to the world that it's the first all gay Edmonton Oilers blog? As opposed to it's current status as the first 50% gay Oilers blog? We're really only fooling ourselves here. I certainly wouldn't stop reading.


mudcrutch79 said...

Please. Everyone at IOF is gayer than Liberace.

Also, this is awesome. The internet is so second nature to me. I'm stunned to learn that Darcy Tucker doesn't know how to work it's various levers.

Sherry said...

Actually I think the Internet is made up of tubes.
That gets clogged.

Daily Show reference. Never mind.