Monday, December 4, 2006

Will we ever win again?

Bipoilers at Canucks
8pm, Sportsnet, 630 CHED

I had a dream last night that Ryan Smyth was only faking the thumb injury, and lined up to play tonight. Perhaps indicative of my subconscious feelings towards the Oilers right now, on his first shift, he got thrown into the boards and broke his other thumb.

Anyway, it's about damn time for the depth part of our vaunt to get its ass in gear. At the beginning of the year, I think I would have predicted that the Oil could lose three regular forwards and still not worry too much (Hemsky, Smyth and Moreau would have been close to my last three picks mind you, but still), but right now, I might trade Columbus's forwards for our own. Okay, I take that back. But still, with the way we're playing, the following depth chart doesn't inspire massive amounts of confidence in being able to score on Roberto Luongo:


I wonder if Sykora doesn't move back to the wing for a while, since all of Thöresen, Petersen, Reasoner and Pouliot can play centre, and clearly we need some top-level help on wings. I don't know that his presence there helps my confidence any (Sykora-Horcoff-Lupul? Is that scary?), but theoretically loading up your top guns should be better.

Oh yeah, want to do something fun? Check out the NW standings. Two points seperate first from last, and regardless of the outcome of this game, at most four points will seperate us all when the night is done. You can't even say it's because we're a good division, either: everyone has mixed not totally sucking with totally sucking, leaving us deadlocked in ineptitude (if you gander at the west standings, you'll notice the NW ranks 6-10, with no interruptions). To throw out a random prediction, I think Minnesota takes this. They've been rough lately, but that's without Gaborik and Demitra, and once those two get back in it, they should get some distance, especially since no one else has that obvious a solution to their current mediocrity.

Speaking of which, two points sort of unrelated (and one of those belated).

-If we've waited this long to get Eric Brewer or Nick Boynton, I'm going to spit. Boynton, for one, was available at the beginning of the off-season (Paul Mara too, actually), and while I certainly don't think he's much help, you might as well walk into the shootout with your gun half-loaded, as opposed to plugging them in when you're already down. Surely we can pry a defenceman off San Jose or Ottawa or someone before taking bad teams' second options, no?

-Two things in reference to the Anaheim game last week (sorry, it's essay season 'round these parts): first, taking away fans' signs was classless by the organization, unless there were racial slurs on them. Remember how, last spring, we filled your building, and sung your anthem, and turned this whole city into one giant, burning effigy for you? Welcome to the flip side: if you want our passion when things are good, you better put up with it when things are bad. If you don't like it, I have other things to do.

Secondly, if the Oilers are going to start showing big/desirable PPV games, they need to get their broadcasts up to at least par. I don't mind the PPV as a last-resort, no-other-way-to-see-the-game thing, but that's because I don't actually pay for them. They suck, from boring intermission bits to crappy play-by-play and analysis, and if you want to make money of off them, at least get Gene Principe out of the damn booth.

I will forgive most of this if you win tonight. Prediction: 1-0 Oilers, Roloson redeems himself, Reasoner gets some garbage in the second period to win it.


Anonymous said...

The Sign Nazis aren't new. In the early WHA days, they let a lot of stuff go. Near the end, somebody got the bright idea of having the Oilers Booster club make club-approved signs. So we got things like "Beat 'em Beaton." That was supposed to scare the Nordiques into thinking Frank Beaton would lay a pounding on Real Cloutier, I suppose.
I think the TSN poll during the Sabres/Rangers game was indicative. Didn't the 2nd-most votes go to "I'd prefer to watch a hockey game in my living room?" Because face it, when you go to a game in the Mausoleum, you can't bring a sign, you can't jump up and down like a fan, you can't shout or swear like you care, you have to stay in your seats until the kindy-garten teachers/ushers let you go potty, and beer costs $9 a cup instead of $2 a bottle. And for this you PAY money. Lots of it.

allan said...

So during the game, you need to jump up and down, scream, and urinate at will? Apparently Mike needs to add a diaper to your portrait.

I'm sure glad I don't have to sit in the temper-tantrum section.

Mike The Sieve said...

You may win again, Mike, but not tonight. I'm calling it a shutout for Bobby Lou.

Mike The Sieve said...

Oops. When I said "Mike," I meant "PM."

There goes that reading/comprehension thing again.

Andy Grabia said...

I was angry about the signs as well, until I thought about taking my son to the game. It's bad enough that he's freaked out by the idiots who think that a hockey game is an excuse to put back 12 Molsons in two hours; I don't know if I want him seeing vulgar signs. But I will assume that most of the signs weren't in fact vulgar, just really clever, and become irritated again. Damn you Oilers!

Nice Captain Canuck pic, by the way. He's no Guardian from
Alpha Flight, though.

And what the hell, Allan? Quit cheating on us with the CoI guys.

Epinonymous said...

Imagine if they went to the same cocktail party...


allan said...

And what the hell, Allan? Quit cheating on us with the CoI guys.

I go where the love is. And if that means going both ways, so be it.

What do I get if I come back?

Scarlett said...

Most of the signs were very clever, and I was ticked off to see them being confiscated and some people actually being thrown out. I did not see any vulgar signs. Bad move by the Oilers. It really was in good fun.

Andy Grabia said...


Doogie said...

Well, the prediction kinda worked. Roli did redeem himself, and Horcoff got the most fucked-up goal I've seen all year.

Pleasure Motors said...

Not to be nitpicky, Grabia, but aren't we the CiO guys? Is there some nickname roaming around the internet I don't know about?

Alana said...

I have also wondered about the Col abbreviation.

Doogie said...

Maybe it's short for cholera or something.

EthosOfPalmOS said...

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Ray Ferraro trashing Matt Cooke in the late stages of Monday's game.

Anyone recall when Cooke started beaking at Winchester late in the 3rd, and Ferraro was all "Cooke wants no part of this. He plays a chippy game but never, ever backs it up. A few feet is as close as he's gonna get to a guy Winchester's size."

I actually lol'd.