Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The clucking tongues

Apropos of Andy Grabia's take on the media coverage for "Vote for Rory" campaign, I offer the Hilarious Sentence of The Day, courtesy of Cam Cole in the National Post:

"It was only a matter of time before some supposedly harmless anarchist made the NHL's desperate desire for connection with the fan base blow up in its face."
Remember, there's no such thing as a harmless anarchist, especially when they're blowing up the NHL's fan connection in the face.

Oh and here's something from David Vest in the Arizona Republic: even though Nicklas Lidstrom -- you know, a dude that actually plays in the All-Star game -- thinks the Vote for Rory campaign is in good spirit, Vest is not about to let him off the hook.
Detroit's Nicklas Lidstrom, who is third in the voting and apparently not bothered by the write-in campaign, told the Detroit News. 'It's not a big deal.'

Actually it is.

If Fitzpatrick wins a starting spot and accepts it, future All-Star Games likely would become a joke.
Even though the NHL and its players could care less (except maybe for coach Gretzky, of course), the sports typists still managed to work up quite the froth over Rorygate. Given the chance to vote for a favourite player to play in the NHL All-Star game, hockey fans committed the ultimate sin in the eyes of hockey scribes... voting for a favourite player to play in the NHL All-Star game.

Well, the self-appointed guardians of hockey got their way: Rory Fitzpatrick won't be a problem on Jan. 24 and we can all get back to pretending that we aren't bored by the All-Star game in the first place.

THE OILERS! Minutes from the opening faceoff against the Sharks and I can say this: we better win or else. ELSE!


Black Dog said...

Or else what?


My God man, don't leave me hanging!

mike w said...

It's just else. So far the Oil are nice enough not to call my bluff...3-1...Marc Andre Bergeron IS THE GREATEST HOCKEY PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!!

Scarlett said...

Time to make Bergeron the captain?

Mr DeBakey said...

future All-Star Games likely would become a joke.

That's a pretty funny line.
I'm sure there's a word to describe a sentence that stupid.

Mr DeBakey said...

"future All-Star Games likely would become a joke."

Do you think he was trying to be funny?
Or did he just get lucky?

case said...

i don't know mike. isn't gretzky the greatest. they gave him that tag. the great one. pretty good. 3-2.

Dan the Wainwright Oiler Fan said...

Must have been a good game, sure didn't see it, damn PayPerView. Anyone have comments on the play of Gilbert?

Chris! said...

Great post, Mikey. It's been rather bizarre to watch the media and select NHL talking heads turning themselves in agonized knots over the fact that fans, given the choice, would want to see a plugger in their glorious All-Star game.

Funny how anyone has yet to stomp their feet quite as hard about guys like Buffalo's Brian Campbell getting the most votes of ANY defenceman, or Jonathan "14 goals" Cheechoo's dubious election to the starting five based on his performance the previous season.

Fans have always voted players into the All-Star game that didn't "deserve it." Why everyone has gotten so worked up about Rory is beyond me. It's as though they think the All-Star game has some sanctity worth protecting.

uni said...

Brian Campbell...that's all I need to know about the NHL All-Star game and how 'seriously' it's taken.

On a sidenote, Bergeron has been my best D-man and the Norris winner for every season EA NHL2006 & 2007 I've played haha.

Anonymous said...

All star game is already a joke with Cheecho being chosen. At the time he was 115th in scoring and a -10 rating on a winning team.

D. said...

Ha ha, Scarlett. You kill me.