Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hockey: stupid game or the stupidest game?

Flames 4, Sons of Bitches 0

I think, perhaps, Chris! said it best when we were trying to decide who would write the game review tonight: "I kind of wanted to have fun tonight, and watching the Oilers stink up the joint against our most hated rival doesn't sound like much of a party." Prophetic, he, and a bit of a pussy, but I guess you can't really fault good sense.

So what the hell is this Oiler team, anyway? Off the top of my head, I'd say a mediocre club capable of beating mid-range or worse clubs, but one that—perhaps uncharacteristically of recent history—folds like a Chinese laundromat when faced with a challenge for a team as good as/better than they are, inspiring all kinds of apathy and vaguely racist similes from Oiler bloggers. Honestly, I don't even think the ever-hyped number one defenceman will help us that much: even if we make the playoffs, it will be a Tommy Salo-era affair, but perhaps without the physical aspect.

Anyway, I have two other point form thoughts, and then its off to stew miserably, possibly with frustrated denial-crying:

First: nickname suggestion for Craig Simpson: George W Bush. Despite the fact his plans have not worked for the last three years, he continues to bull ahead with the same damn idea, undeterred by criticism or obvious deficiencies in his character.

Second: There was a dude who was sitting in the bottom left corner of the arena (as seen from the CBC cameras) who kept standing up and waving every time the play was in the end he was in. At first, I thought I he was a retarded jackass who obviously had more money than brains, paying whatever it was to not watch the Oilers game, but after some reflection, I think, perhaps, he was a retarded jackass with the right idea.


Lady Man(ning) 4ever said...

nickname suggestion for Craig Simpson: George W Bush. Despite the fact his plans have not worked for the last three years, he continues to bull ahead with the same damn idea, undeterred by criticism or obvious deficiencies in his character.

Thank you!

How does one make his voice heard on this issue? The tar sands? Own a Ford dealership, perhaps? An 'IN' at the Edmonton Sun?

Jesus. What ass.

Scarlett said...

My favorite move of Simpson tonight: "I don't have Stoll to play the point on the PP, hmmm who should I put out there? Oh yes, Peterson of course. I am a genius." No, you are not.

Dan the Wainwright Oiler Fan said...

Whatta game ... Regardless of the much herarded Dman we need, I think we just need a shake up of some kind.

Also, is it possible to demote a coach to the minors (Simpson I'm looking at you). Casually passing the puck around the perimeter does not a powerplay make.

Part of me wishes Lowe could suit up for us on the blue line...... lol

Art Vandelay said...

That "retarded jackass" line was hilarious. So was "sons of bitches." The best comedy always comes from a place of pain. Keep up the great blog. I never miss reading it.

Anonymous said...

If you are going with the George W. Bush nickname, you have to do it properly.

Just call him "Dubya."

SweatyO said...

I was hoping that the Oilers would go 5-2 in the last 7 games, starting in LA 13 days ago.

They ended up going 4-3. Not being able to manage a fucking split of the two games against Calgary did them in.

3 fucking losses to Calgary in 21 days. Win even ONE of those, and things look a whole lot better.

Last night should have been their game. Calgary, with their attrocious road record, on the 2nd half of a back to back, and the Oilers come out flat and generate perhaps a half-dozen GOOD scoring chances all night. The PP looks attrocious, Roloson lets in two stinkers (goals that a better-rested goalie might have stopped), and Calgary perhaps scores more goals than they had high-quality scoring chances all night (the 2nd goal isn't what I'd even call a scoring chance, period).

And to top it all off, Fuckface Phaneuf is running around like a big man in the 3rd, refusing to throw down one second, and then punching a guy with the referee in between the two the next. Good young d-man, but a gutless pussy.

Anonymous said...

I thankfully didn't see the game so someone explain this to me:

"Stortini, who was recalled from Hamilton on January 19th, made his NHL debut with the Oilers in Edmonton’s 4-0 loss versus Calgary at Rexall Place on January 20th. Stortini was scoreless and –1 with 10 penalty minutes in his Oilers debut."

Stortini leads the AHL in penalty minutes--and he cost us 10 minutes against Calgary? What the fuck was this shit head doing in an Oilers uniform?!?

I can forgive most of the risky moves the Oilers have made in terms of giving rookies a shot, but giving a thug this kind of an undeserved break? Someone explain that one to me.

Anonymous said...

I say keep Stortini, we need some balls on this team!

Anonymous said...

In lieu of nothing, I'm glad Theodore is now #2 in Colorado, was he ever stinking up the joint. Plus I heart Peter Budaj, future superstar goalie. Even though I hate the Avs
-Nate in SP

Matt said...

Re: Waving Jackass

Double Dion caught someone throwing their beer cup at him (eventually). Wonders of TiVo. Sorry I missed it.

Doogie said...

He didn't exactly "cost" the Oilers anything. It was a 10-minute misconduct for apparently just being in the vicinity of a fight. Those don't put you down; otherwise, every instigator would bring a 12-minute power play.