Thursday, January 11, 2007

I had a dream

Is there anything more gauche than someone who blathers on about a dream they had the night before? No? Well forgive me -- but it's better to hear it from me now on this blog instead of later, when I'm drunk and scaring you and your spouse at some dinner party.

The story starts off as this: I slept through my alarm this morning, dreaming about hockey again. Mercifully, it wasn't another post-traumatic Game 7 Stanley Cup Finals dream, nor was it the more prevalent one where all of my teeth fall out in the middle of a job interview.

For some reason, I dreamt that Ray Ferraro, one-time NHLer and Sportsnet's rather decent colour man for Oilers games, was giving a teary-eyed press conference announcing his retirement from broadcasting. Instead, the dude announces that he bought a local team (a junior-level team, I think) and called it, amusingly enough, Ray Ferraro's Bullets.

Responding to a reporter's question about moving to Edmonton, with its cold weather, Ferraro even made a Chris Pronger joke: "Unlike some people, I won't be requesting a trade. [laughs] ... No seriously, I really like it here. It's a great hockey town." (My brain is so self-serving.)

Anyway, I remember it clearly, and it stuck with me all day, so I couldn't help myself and re-created the image as a photo illustration (particularly the jersey and the "R.F's" logo), seen above. Long Live RF's Edmonton Bullets!


Andy Grabia said...

Awesome. But shouldn't the team be called the Edmonton Handshakes instead? Or the Edmonton Long Knives?

I wish I had dream like that. Instead I get the dream of being back in junior high or high school, and having to do everything all over again. It haunts me for days when I have it.

gary b said...

Kudos on the 'liberal' usage of the lens flare filter.

'Chicken Parm' is quickly becoming my favourite colour man - he's informed, he's been there, and he's not afraid to be critical/complimentary, when the occasion calls for it.

Anonymous said...

Chicken Parm, too funny.


joninabox said...

Dear Mike,

Dreams wherein your teeth fall out are common and often recurring. They typically signify inhibition or shyness. Your particular dream seems to take a setting which is very fitting.

Your dream about Ray Ferraro, however, is just fucked up.

Sincerely signed,
Useless psychology graduate

Anonymous said...

Great logo. Of course, it would probably "offend" people, just because bullets "kill" people. People are too damn sensitive, especially to bullets, which both offend and kill them.


d-lee said...

Man, I've had "a couple of pretty messed up dreams about the Vancouver Canucks, but that Ray Ferraro thing might be tops.