Thursday, January 18, 2007

Joffrey Lupul was plus 3!

Edmonton 4
Anaheim 1

Just when you think life couldn't get any worse, and you'd rather eat a turtle covered in puke than get out of the bed in the morning, along come the plucky Oilers with an unexpected victory -- against the Ducks! -- which, as a natural byproduct, floods neurotransmitter serotonin into your brain, making it okay to live again. Alas, winning is a nice buzz. Life is good.

Nice game by the grunts, although with Stoll added to the crumpled injury heap I'm suddenly really looking forward to the All-Star break.

- Paging player agent Don Meehan: we will give you whatever you want for Ryan Smyth. Does Ryan wanna be Edmonton's comptroller when he retires? Done. Unlimited free rides at Galaxy Land? You've got it. I'm even half tempted to set up a PayPal thing on the sidebar if you're willing to take a little dough under the table.

- I liked Mathieu Roy and Jan Hejda tonight. But did anyone else shake their head when Matt Greene was in our top defensive pairing tonight? Yikes. Even the defensive corps of the 1997 playoff edition of the Oilers had more experience on the blueline.

- We may be slowly killing him just in time to miss the playoffs, but Dwayne Roloson is still a .909 goalie.

Wish I had more time to express my hockey feelings, but I gotta log out. Damn.


Jordi said...

I'd like to think that I had something to do with Lupul being a plus. I practically confessed my undying love to him on the interweb. He must have heard about it.

Alana said...

Roli got another assist last night! squee!

Scarlett said...

We'll be burying Roli in mid-March if they don't give that boy some rest. Good thing the all-star break is coming up!

Mrs. Smytty said...

Dude. Count me in for the PayPal thing.

SOS! Save Our Smytty!

Anonymous said...

yea i think that lupul plays really good he knows how ot control the puck dont listen to what everybody thinks of u !! KEEP doing what u are doing u are doing a really good job u are the best u are AWSOME by the way can u sign ma t-shirt