Saturday, January 20, 2007

Memo to the Oilers: you stink!

Stuck at work. The dreaded 12-hour noon to midnight shift with nothing to amuse me except for a huge ball made of rubber bands. With the day being a write-off, you'd think the Oilers would do the decent thing and just win the goddamn game for me.

But with an innocuous click of Yahoo's refreshing scoreboard, Calgary's up three goals in the second. I see. It's one of those nights. Come to think of it, we've had a lot of those nights lately, haven't we? Goddamn turkeys.

If anyone wants me, I'll be in the break room trying to steal Big Turks from the vending machine.


Simon said...

Three words: Puck-moving defenceman.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, can we stop with the "Puck moving defenceman" refrain? It is getting pretty fucking tiresome. No offence Simon, but it's just a constant excuse for this team, this season. Looking at the standings, how many teams in the top 8 have the "Puck moving defenceman" that would satisfy the braying? The answer is one, the Ducks, and he's not even playing right now. Pronger is gone, not coming back. You only build your team around the concept of a Pronger when he's actually on the team.

You need to get it done with what you've got. Right now the Coil need to just PLAY BETTER. Falling apart (again!!!) on HNIC and getting beat by the Flamers (again!!!) is obviously not part of that strategy.


Scarlett said...

Be glad you weren't actually at the game, and had to sit through it. Three hours I will never get back.

Sean said...

Three words: Big Turks rock. And I'm finally glad someone other than me realizes it.

Jim said...

Hm. I had a cube of Turkish Delight at Sofra this week that reminded me how much of a craptaculastic bastardization Big Turks are.

Oh yeah, and the Oil blow.