Friday, January 5, 2007

More of the same

Vancouver 3 (OT)
Edmonton 2

The Oilers' last ten games is pretty much summed up by the little infographic above, whereby the Oilers offensive potential, aka "the vaunt," has been blue-balled by the limited skills of the the team's backend. And yes, I have already faxed this little bit of tactical analysis to Craig MacTavish accordingly.

Tonight's game was an admirable effort, considering that the Oil were playing with a flight of AHL-class defenceman -- with Daniel Tjarnquist and Ladislav Smid out, Jason Smith and Jan Hejda were the team's top pair (Cory Cross is probably smirking right now in Hamburg).

You want to get mad at Marc-Andre Bergeron and Matt Greene, but the needle has skipped too many times on that old record. That and most of the defence played as well as could be expected, even Mathieu Roy played pretty well in his second-ever NHL game, except for the ghastly turnover that lead to the Canucks game-winning goal, of course. Outshooting the Canucks and keeping their forwards to the perimeter, the Oil looked a lot better than they did last night in Dallas, which counts for something. As Andy Grabia noted on BoA, it's kind of hard on fans to care about this team these days, but it's a long season, and the Oilers are still within striking distance of first place in the Northwest.

A trade for a defenceman would help, of course...


lowetide said...

That graphic is hilarious. If I may suggest putting Craig Simpson in front of that with a pointer and a balloon that says "Jan, move the puck up like Matt Greene and we'll be fine."


Anonymous said...

Yeah that graphic is pure genius.

Scarlett said...

Our coaching sucks this year. Time for a change?? Yes. Maybe a defenceman or five too.

Anonymous said...

According to Tim Panaccio in Philly we're going to deal Raffi Torres and Joffrey Lupul for Joni Pitkanen.

I would hope MacT and Lowe have more sense than that.

joninabox said...

I would trade Torres and Lupul for Pitkanen pretty willingly. Whether or not it is an overpayment would be arguable, but also moot. We are likely the team most in need of a defensemen that is still within reach of the playoffs.

mike w said...

I love Pitkanen, as does Kevin Lowe. At this point it seems like a decent deal (although I'd rather throw in a first round pick instead of Torres).

Black Dog said...

Torres isn't going anywhere. If Smyth walks this summer and Torres gets traded your LW depth is Moreau, Thoresen, uh, Jacques and ....??

So one guy who is presently a bona fide NHL player.

Lupul and MAB or Lupul and a pick would do it I think.

Oiler Joe said...

Any deal that involves Torres is not worth if for me. Althought he can be invisible, he also has the power to change the tilt of a playoff series all on his own. These types of players are few and far between.

I can't count how many times I've seen a big D-man come charging into the corner to lay a licken' on the flat-footed Torres, and before you can say, "heads up Raffi," the D-man is on his ass and Torres is making a move to the net. I sometimes think he is stronger on his skates than Forsberg. For his price-tag, I can't see KLowe moving him any time soon. I'd rather see some unproven prosects go before him.