Thursday, January 11, 2007

No. 1 with a bullet

Congratulations to fledgling Oiler Mathieu Roy, who scored his first NHL goal last night in Edmonton's 3-2 win over the San Jose Sharks. In case you're keeping track, this offensive outburst immediately vaults Roy into a four-way tie for third place in team defence goal-scoring. Poorly laid-out nuh-nuh-nuh-numbers:

Marc-Andre Bergeron 39 6 13 19
Daniel Tjarnqvist 36 3 12 15
Steve Staios 40 1 12 13
Matt Greene 42 1 5 6
Jason Smith 43 1 5 6
Jan Hedja 15 1 4 5
Ladislav Smid 39 0 3 3
Mathieu Roy 3 1 0 1 !!!
Tom Gilbert 1 0 0 0

Jesus, has Smid really played in 39 games this year? Insanity. Also insane: whatever reason MacT came up with in his head to not insert Hejda into the lineup a long time ago.


mike w said...

Gotta say that Tom Gilbert looked pretty smooth out there.

The Oilers should stick to drafting these defence dudes from college.

Achtungbaby said...

Yeah guys like Jack Johnson. If only. And what a tease these Pitkanen rumors are.

george said...

To be fair to MacT, not a lot of other people were calling for Hejda to play more either.

Black Dog said...

To be fair to MacT I would say that the word came from up top re: Smid and Greene.

Play them as much as you can until the season is in jeopardy (which it suddenly is).

Then play the 28 year old with 9 years of professional experience.

Mike The Sieve said...

Hey Oiloggers!

A blurb at the bottom of this article: says the Pitkanen rumours (which Holmgren apparently denies) involve sending Torres and Lupul to Philly.

Sounds crazy to me (even though as a Canucks fan, I'd love to see Torres go far, far away).

What do you guys think? Is it true? Is it worth it?

Krista said...

I don't know what it is about it, but that photo is pretty much the best goal celebration photo I've ever seen. It's so awkward.... and dinosaur-like.

Yay Oilers!

Anonymous said...

The first half of the season is to check out your assets.
Hejda needed North American hockey experience in a "no pressure" situation because his many years of international experience (Randy Gregg anyone?) gave him the on ice smarts we needed. Now Hejda is ready for serious ice time as Smith's permanent partner I suspect.

Tjarnqvist & Staios are 2nd line shorthanded and even strength specialists.

Smid has played too much each game but he was being "tested under fire" - once his minutes get cut back a bit, he will be fine.

Gilbert appears ready to play 3rd line pairing while sitting out every now and then.

All we need is one PP specialist and we will have the depth and talent on defense for every situation.

We are almost there - notice I didn't even include Bergeron, Greene or Roy.... I suspect that one or two of them will be traded for the PP specialist.