Tuesday, January 23, 2007

technically not true

"And he's got a pair!"

Jim Hughson on Phil Kessel, in tonight's Young Stars game.

Testicular cancer survivor Kessel went on to get a supposedly heart-warming hat trick, and there were certainly some pretty goals, but the game had all of the intensity of a particularly flaccid Ziggy cartoon, with players standing around, barely skating or even breaking a sweat. I mean, they looked like me out there. Just as distressing, Ladislav Smid was -3!


Anonymous said...

What a horrible title.

majeau13 said...

dude...soooo wrong, but still, soooo funny

Anonymous said...

Teehee. Nice title!

She said...

Just as distressing, Ladislav Smid was -3!

Easy there, Mike. Getzlaf was also -3 despite having scored twice.

And Brent Seabrook was -4.

Smid wasn't the only one not playing D.

Chris! said...

I seriously can't imagine something I give a fuck about less than the truncated free skate that is the Young Guns game. Couldn't they at least find enough youth to roll four lines and have a 60-minute game? And ask them to maybe try acting like they care, just a little? Bah. Waste of time.