Friday, January 19, 2007

This is what democracy looks like

Self-promotion usually makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit, but with Grabia and I waking up this morning to a dead heat in Round 2 of Hot Oil's Oilogosphere Hot Off, I find myself with little choice.

Sirs and girlsirs, my creepy leaning-against-my-ten-speed- by-the-schoolyard moustache needs your votes in what has essentially become a horse-race between Andy's John Cusack idolatry and my bathroom Freddie Mercury impression. I mean, honestly, what's hotter: Queen, or Pushing Tin?

So if it isn't too much trouble, head over to Hot Oil and, like, vote. FOR JUSTICE.

Also, Oilers.


Andy Grabia said...

You just jumped 11 ahead of me in about ten minutes. Now I know how Rory Fitzpatrick feels.

Chris! said...

I SWEAR that's not a voting bot. I'm no anarchist NHL fan abusing the benevolent system.

Andy Grabia said...

Oh, I don't really care. I just assumed it was a bunch of people in an office voting at the same time. Beating that damn mustache was an impossible task.