Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Time to Laugh Again

Outshot, outplayed, and there but for the grace of Roli go we.

But hey, a win's a poorly photoshopped win!


Garnet said...

Sometimes when Chris kills himself it brings on a beautiful smile and a rainbow. Get the hint, Chris? Huh?

mike w said...

Sweet god, life is joy again!@=@FASD

(It helps to be drunk on a school night).

Alana said...

I think that picture's the best thing I've seen all week.

Michael said...

Someone's been watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, haven't they? :O

Pleasure Motors said...

The relevant clip , for anyone interested in such things.

case said...

i credit the win to the new strategy. putting 3-4 opposing players out of the game. look out..
1. niedermayer
2. giguere
3. getzlaf
4. pronger(puck in the crowd)
warm up the stretchers.

Hockey Amor said...


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