Monday, January 8, 2007

Triumphant Return (aka More Like LOSS Angeles

Oilers 2, "Kings" 1 (OT)

Are we happy to be Oilers fans again? There didn't seem to be a whole lot to dislike about this game, unless, you know, you don't like constantly giving up really good scoring chances to very talented Eastern Europeans. (Fun fact about Slovenia—birthplace of Anze Kopitar, who I wish our rookies looked like—according to game-mate R. Biesinger: if you are hiking up a mountain and you pass someone hiking down the same mountain, it is considered rude if you do not greet them first, to show respect for their accomplishment for reaching the summit.)

These Oilers are like a Warhol painting of the late-90s breed: that version fought and scrapped for every chance, even though they couldn't bury them, survived on incredibly solid goaltending, and looked outmatched but pulled through when it counted, whereas this version seems to create scoring chances with ease even though they can't finish them, survives on incredibly solid goaltending, and looks better than its opposition (at least in the offensive zone) and pulls through intermittently. Yay for Jan Hejda proving he's better than Smid at the moment, though, of course, we still need a defenceman who speaks fluent breakout pass. Actually, one who does a good job of keeping the puck in the offensive zone would be nice, too: LA does that really, really well, and makes us look even more inept when the puck is not on the stick of one of our forwards, preferably Hemsky.

Two random thoughts:

For an addition to the Oilers drinking game rule book: take a shot every time the phrase "didn't miss by much" follows the name Bergeron in a Kevin Quinn play-by-play. Also, drink every time Quinn says a player doesn't have his "cue." (Why does he do that? It's retarded.)

This isn't intended as a slight against the player, but if Daniel Tjärnqvist still comes cheaper than Staios at the end of the season, I'll pretty happily take him instead.


Par said...

I thought it was already a drinking game rule to take a shot just when Kevin Quinn says "didn't miss by much" in general. (Not yet sure if that's a slight on him or the team...)

Dan the Wainwright Oiler Fan said...

Bergeron gives me stress everytime it's an important part of the game and the puck is on his stick. This guy's a liability.

Dan the Wainwright Oiler Fan said...

Ya, btw this blog rawks. Been readin' it for almost a year. Witty. Entertaining. Good stuff.

Jordi said...

It's time to bring in the secret D-man weapon, a bag of pucks.

Matt said...

Morely Scott: this guy for real?

"It's not how many you score on the PP, it's when you score them"? Does he think teams with a high PP% mostly score them to pull to within 4, or to go up by 7? If breaking a tie in the middle of the 2nd period qualifies as a timely PP goal, which ones don't?

I had never heard Morely before for more than 2 minutes, radio or TV -- I was surprised how much he sucked.

Mrs. Smytty said...

Pleasure Motors (If that is your REAL name) - I met you last week!!! I was the girl that kept yelling in your face, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE COVERED IN OIL!" Apologies for that!!

Long time reader, first time commenter. I'll try to make it a common thing.

Let's start with defending Morley Scott. Its Rod we need to worry about:

"And uh...Smith has the puck...and he uhh....passes...its quickly brought to....uhhh...Hemsky with the...its...ohh...and...HE SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES!"

uni said...

I can't believe PM has his own groupie.

Pleasure Motors said...

Far stranger than the concept of me having my own groupie: someone may be passing themselves off as me to impress women.

Sorry, Mrs Smytty, but I don't remember anyone yelling "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE COVERED IN OIL!" at me any time in the recent past--and also, I spent last week in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps, of course, you met Mike or Chris! (shown, as homoerotically as possible, as the fellows on the right side of this picture). If not, though, I'm going to hunt down the man using my good fake name and show him exactly why being me does not impress women at all.

Anyway, either way, Mrs. Smytty, good to have you aboard, and perhaps one day I can scream "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE MRS SMYTTY" in your face. Or something.

mike w said...

Actually I think I know who that was.

The tip off was having a lady scream "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE COVERED IN OIL!" at me last week.

the Prez said...

Daniel Tjarnqvist is pretty.

Anonymous said...

Another addition to the Oiler drinking game that i like is to drink whenever the phrase "winds fires a blast" is said.

Anonymous said...

Oilers recall Tom Gilbert. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

And Pitkanen sat against Washington. Interesting

gary b said...

since everyone's in a complainin' kinda mood...

the whole video review thing is making me crazy.

not the fact that we have it, heck i love it.
it's the way it is used (or not used) that is making me cuckoobananas.

last night, we have a review on a Kings' chance (the one with Roli down on the ice and filling the net with... himself). it wasn't signalled a goal originally, but someone (refs? toronto brain trust?) decided it was worth a 2nd look via video. and it was a pretty half-assed chance, actually. even a Magoo would have been able to see it wasn't a goal.

YET, back in December, in a 4-1 loss to Chicago, neither the refs nor Toronto took the time to review a play in which Horc clearly scores before the whistle (at least, i think it was the Chicago game).

why does it always seem so... arbitrary, these video reviews? If it appears to be a scoring chance, and ESPECIALLY if the freeking PUCK is in the FREEKING net when the whistle goes, TAKE THE BLOODY TIME TO CHECK IT OUT WITH VIDEO! THAT'S WHAT IT'S FOR!!

seriously, how long would it take? it's happened more than once this year.

not to suggest we add an option for coaches to CHALLENGE a call in the NHL, but the one thing i like about the NFL's video replay system is that at certain points in the game, the video replay officials will review plays on their own. someone calls down from the booth, and BOOOM - video review. why can't hockey do the same?

fish griwkowsky said...

I agree with Gary B completely. Not only that, I think we should have a system in place where - ONCE A GAME - coach can call ANY shitty whistle by any ref. If you as coach were right about the call being bogus, you're reset and can do it again. If not, after careful video review, you blew it and that's that till next game. But it sure would remove some lingering bitterness over some refs' worst penalties. And it would quickly weed out the shittiest among them.