Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bring on the Bruins!

I've got a recently-won bottle of wine in my lap and no reason to believe that this is necessarily a playoff team, but nevertheless: Let's go Oil!

Also: any one see Robbie Schremp's crazy Wilkes-Barrie Skills Competition goals from the other night? The guy may still be a healthy scratch struggling to find his defensive game in the AHL, but he's all dazzle. I'll post video of his wackjob goals once they show up on youtube.


mike w said...

2-0. Goddamn Oilers.

Par said...

Not on Youtube, but the WBS Penguins have a couple of realtime videos from their skills competition. They really seem to love the guy.

And the countdown to the renewal of Hockey Jesus/Powerplay talk begins now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture. Some genuine photoshop talent on CIO. Shitty score tonight though.

Eyeris said...

The only thing that would make it better is if that's one of those hockey playing Russian bears that played against Boris Mironov!

Speaking of which, I've tried google-searching those pictures. But I can't find any. How can the internet, in its vast capacity and awesometude, not have a picture of that?!

Jorge said...

Beat by a Brad-Stuart-less Bruins armed only with a jilted and discarded Andrew Ference.

I wish we were battling with you guys instead of Vancouver for top spot in the division.

And by we I'm referring to the only NHL team in Alberta.

scotty said...

Sweet fucking zombie jesus christ on a pogo stick, THE EDMONTON GODDAMN OILERS.

seriously, i'm a half-motherfucking-step away from blowing up Craig "Smirky McBlowdried" Simpon's (zero for Goddamn seven on the PP) and Craig "I have no fucking clue what the shit I'm doing behind this bench with my sweet-ass designer fuck glasses on" MacTavish's (Toby Petereson with 20 mom-assing minutes of icetime) houses.


I should NOT post blogger comments when i've been drinking scotch for the last 3 hours.

mike w said...

>"I should NOT post blogger comments when i've been drinking scotch for the last 3 hours"

And yet, drinking scotch for three hours is always the time you MOST want to post blogger comments.

I feel your pain, sir.