Sunday, February 11, 2007

Drinking & Thinking

I've had a few beers, but that won't stop me from live blogging:

1st period

I've always hated Atlanta. Cheap shot artist Andy Sutton comes easily to mind, as well as a dude named Ilya Kovalchuk. And then there's this little reminder of the last time these two teams met in Edmonton:

Mike Bishai: you're long gone, but you're not forgotten.

Period 2

Is there penalty for non-contact harassment? Because if I were a player -- and this is a big if -- I'd be in Ilya Kovalchuk's face during every TV timeout, two inches away from his face: "Come on, you big motherfucking Russian dink. Let's go, you giant ball-less eunuch who needs his ass kicked. Where's Andy Sutton now, turd?"

Amazing what Atlanta's tired defence and Johan Hedberg's .881 SVP percentage can do for the confidence of the Oil's most fragile players: MA Bergeron, Pouliot and Joffrey Lupul look like natural studs tonight. Even Laddy Smid is on the pinch, sniffing for a goal. Meanwhile, Hemsky is kicking Kovalchuk's ass.

Ryan Smyth is 31 and still has lots of hockey to give. As much as I love Fernando Pisani ($2.5 million over 3 more seasons), an already rickety Steve "the Greek Bobby Orr" Staios ($2.7 million x 4 years) and Ethan Moreau ($1.75 million x 4 years), they'll pretty much be the reason we won't be able to re-sign Ryan Smyth for over $5 million next season and that makes me sad.

Period 3

Give the Oilers woeful goal differential this season, I'm waiting for the Thrashers to make a game of this. Anyone remember the last time the Oil coasted comfortably to victory this season?

Will Johan Hedberg even be in the NHL next season? What a terrible goalie. Meanwhile Roloson just got the almost-mythical unsportsmanlike DIVING penalty.

Well, if there's a ray of light from tonight it's that the other Northwest teams (Calgary, Colorado) lost for once, and the Oilers team speed looks a lot better than it has in weeks.

Another Thrasher runs the goalie... and a Roloson/Hedberg fight? I don't see why the Oilers have to get in these brawls every three years when they could just cut out the middle man and go straight for Bob Hartley.

Damn right: Oilers 5 Atlanta 1


lowetide said...

"Big Motherfucking Russian dink" was ABBA's followup to "Fernando" I believe.

mike w said...

I can almost hear lady harmonies over a bubbling synth arpeggio as we speak...

Anonymous said...

Kovalchuk is a an asshat.

Remember that game, must be about 4 years ago, when MacT got Kovalchuk on a stick blade penalty and then he got out of the box just in time to score a breakaway goal?

Asshat. (Take your pick)

But a big win!!!


Colby Cosh said...

That's "Rasputin" by Boney M you're thinking of.

Greg said...

Oh man, I was at that game against atlanta with Bishia fighting from the bench and the goalie fight. It was a fuckin' riot.

Eyeris said...

According to that clip, Ty Conklin sucked at fighting, too. Seriously, why is he still in the NHL?

Drew said...

Thankfully, for the time being... he's not.

Oiler Joe said...

Anyone remember/have the clip from the game where MC and Kovalchuk scrapped. Kovy actually grabbed and pulled MC's hair. I'm surprised there was no mention of that incident in the pre-game. What a sissy.

Lady_Byng said...

Greg said...

Oh man, I was at that game against Atlanta with Bishai fighting from the bench and the goalie fight. It was a fuckin' riot.

DUDE! I was at that game too! it was a fuckin' riot.

I like your thinking Mike; cut out the middle man and go straight for Bob Hartley. I hate Hartley and wouldn't mind seeing him get beat down. Actually, I think it would be AWESOME to see him get beat down.