Saturday, February 3, 2007

Feel the dread

Edmonton Oilers Vs. Colorado Avalanche
1:00 PM, MTN - CBC

Ugh. I wonder if the Oilers fear playing games as much as I fear watching them these days. Luckily, I'm at work again and will keep an emotionally distant eye on the game, via the refreshing Yahoo scoreboard. Meanwhile, Jim Matheson mentioned Carolina's Andrew Hutchinson as a possible trade target. Anything would be nice, really. I'm already nostalgic for the wacky days of Cory Cross and Igor Ulanov.

In other important news: Hot Oil's Blogger Hot Off is on the cusp of having an all CinO Final, but it looks like I'm gonna need some help making the Final Sexual Round. Feel free to vote for


Anonymous said...

So and So from the Sun also mentioned "Hutch" today. I too have reached the point where anybody would be a welcome addition to our D Corp. Hell, I'm giving cliche nicknames to trade rumors.

Shawn said...

I really don't see the point of adding another average guy like that. At this point at least someone with some experience I guess. That's why I'd look at Miller in LA. They're sellers, he's a UFA and a solid vet. It's at least something.

And I don't think you need too much help.

mike w said...

Matt GReeeeeeeneeeeeeeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

If you're looking at LA, Sopel might be the better choice. Miller's closing in on 36 wheras Sopel is about 5.5 years younger. Sopel and Miller are both UFAs and salaries are pretty similar. Miller's not going give you much offense while Sopel has better career offensive numbers.


Shawn said...

Sopel also sucks in his own zone.

Anonymous said...

Mostly 'Hutch' has been tagged with the phrase "power play specialist", i.e. defensive pylon.
He did get some time lately when 5 other D were out with injuries and didn't look completely lost.

How about taking Hutchinson and Tanabe for Pisani? Or anybody who can shoot the puck really.

Mike said...

Here in Ottawa this weekend, I watched Joe Corvo fire a bullet of a pass from around his own hash marks to a streaking Mike Comrie (!) near the opponent's blueline, and hit him right on the tape for a breakaway goal.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Cory Cross, where are you now buddy? (Hamburg Freezers?!?!)

I wonder how many people who offered to drive you to the airport (and much worse) circa 2005-06 would sing a different tune today?

Not saying he's the answer, just that he's not looking so bad in retrospect...remember when someone blamed him for winter?


Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen this vid? Craaaazy goal...

Steve said...

Forget Corvo, Pitkanen, Miller, Cross, Sopel, Hutchinson, and, yes, even Ulanov: Sergei motherfuckin' Samsonov is on waivers! Our troubles are over!

The real question is who plays right-wing on the Samsonov-Nedved line.