Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's got to have a purpose

Thanks to Alana for dredging this gem back up from the summer.

Does it make me pathetic that this video kind of chokes me up?

Fucking hell.


mike w said...

Ah fuck, I miss the guy already.

Anonymous said...

Smyth is a loser. I can score as many goals as he does by just standing in front of the net and letting my teammates do all the work. Smyth plays the exact same game as Tomas Holsmtrom. Holmstrom makes 1.7 million or something like that. There is no way Ryan Smyth deserves anything over 3 and definitely no the 5.2 he wanted. Face of the Franchise or not. People don;t realize that this teams shot was last year and we didn;t get it. Time to rebuild. Puck moving defencemen were not going to help us in October, never mind now. Time to start over. I hope he resigns in the off season so we can trade him again.

mike w said...

Robbie Schremp, everybody!

Coluch said...

Fucking fuckity fuckness of fuck.

This is as eloquent as i can be at this point. TSN says that now that it's all said and done, the info is in, and it seems the bootom liine difference in EDM vs. SMYTTY was between 200k and 300k.

I can't believe they both played hardball when neither of them wanted it to end this way. Fucking heartbreaking. Especially after watching that Messier ceremony, it truly feels like we've reverted to a pre-Smyth era. Those jerseys really are symbolic tonight.

Coluch said...

Also TSN just listed the differences between the Oil of 9 months ago, and the Oil of today... I wouldn't have believed it if you told me back then.


garnet said...

And we lose 3-0 at home to Phoenix. How's that for a cherry on top?

Anonymous said...

Coilers always lose in a ceremony game, you guys should know that by now. The only consolation is to open an internet gambling account and at least pad the bank account. Also all games in Toronto on HNIC. On this issue at least I'm in the 'acceptance' phase.

After today I don't expect to get shouted down now every time I call for K-Lowe's dismissal.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else as surprised as I am that Markannen wasn't sent off before the dealine? With Roli hanging around for another couple years and two good minor league goalies that need to be brought up to fill the backup role and get some NHL experience I think he is too good to be stuck in back-up goalie hell. How much time is left on his contract? Could the Oil Lowe have got anything decent for him....well scratch that...we know he's willing to take leftovers for our roster players. Well chew on that to get your minds off the betrayal version 2.0.

Chris! said...

Sykora, Markkanen, Winchester... plenty of question marks linger from yesterday. That we did nothing besides unexpectedly ship out our best player at the deadline for a return that addresses none of the team's foreseeable needs is truly, honestly, totally beyond bizarre.

Not to mention complete bullshit. Sound hockey decision my ass.