Saturday, February 17, 2007

Luongo's Ladies

This was on Deadspin, but it's worth a re-post:

Love the prudish announcer: "I don't understand that. What is that?"

It's called a joke, you idiot.


Anonymous said...

Doesnt he look like that guy that was married to J-Hi?
Yes... because he looks like Blaaaa Affleck.

But seriously who was that guy?

Alana said...

That announcer is a fucking moron.

uni said...

I still don't understand how these guys get their jobs.

Scarlett said...

He makes a moron look like a genius.

Steve said...

Kevin Lowe on the Bergeron trade:

"We see the upside in the player we're acquiring. We see this as a long-term upgrade."

Tell us what you really think of the season, Kevin.

Chris! said...

Man, that trade stinks. I'd do a post on it if New Blogger hadn't locked me out of this blog, but jeez -- is that really all Bergeron was worth? A former first-rounder with 33 NHL games over three seasons? And who will finish the season in Russia? And who will be an RFA after that?

Why won't this season just end?

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy MAB is gone. KLowe could have gotten a bag of doritos from NYI and I'd be happy. Addition by subtraction.

D. said...

Lol. Even stale doritos.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think the announcer was actuallly refering to the actions of the person who told her to take away the sign.

In that respect he's striking a blow against sign Nazis everywhere, you know, the types who tell you to take down your "Pronger 'Pregnates like a Rookie" signs at Northlands.