Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oil no match against the 22nd best team in the league!

Perhaps all of this buyer/seller trade talk has led this team astray.

The more pertinent concern for the Oilers is that they are not a very good team, unable to string together a three-game winning streak since November, with an underperforming offence and an utterly disappointing defensive corps mostly comprised of rookies/depth players led by a couple of veterans that have lost a step or two. Kevin Lowe has blown a season trying to figure out what he has, instead of making a move that improve this team immediately, buyers or sellers or whatever the hell they are. Forget about rentals for a moment. What about defenceman Michal Roszival, Shea Weber, Brett Clark or Zybnek Michalek? You're telling me, with Matt Greene playing a zillion minutes, we couldn't bite the bullet and spring for one of these dudes?

Lastly, I dunno what to make of this team's coaching staff. The Powerplay is a fey little creature, players are struggling, and we see all kinds of dumb penalties taken at the worst possible times (8th in the league for team PIM). Then again, the penalty kill is strong, the Oil haven't hit actually rock bottom and key injuries have been a factor. Plus, the organization seems to have a keen eye on developing "character" players like Ethan Moreau, Steve Staios and Jason Smith -- all eager to jump face first into a puck if it meant winning a game. So yeah, I'm not sure what to think but the coaching situation.

In the meantime, we get to watch the Oilers slowly slide out of the playoff hunt, which has all of the pleasure of watching a loved one die of dementia. You could call it a Stanley Cup hangover (Carolina has had their struggles as well), but it's pretty hard to get behind a team that's had an obvious, glaring -- and fixable -- weakness since training camp.

But forget all of this doom and gloom: let us take in the goddamn swagger of Rob Schremp doing what he does best... hot dogging like a total dink:


scotty said...

becuase i'm drunk, i'm reposting my comment from the previous entry...


Sweet fucking zombie jesus christ on a pogo stick, THE EDMONTON GODDAMN OILERS.

seriously, i'm a half-motherfucking-step away from blowing up Craig "Smirky McBlowdried" Simpon's (zero for Goddamn seven on the PP) and Craig "I have no fucking clue what the shit I'm doing behind this bench with my sweet-ass designer fuck glasses on" MacTavish's (Toby Petereson with 20 mom-assing minutes of icetime) houses.


I should NOT post blogger comments when i've been drinking scotch for the last 3 hours.

Anonymous said...

The worst part about the new only play the East teams once every three years schedule is that we won't get another bear photoshop opportunity for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

I think its becoming clear that last year, or more properly last year's playoffs were the aberation. This year, this team has returned to what its been for the last several years: a not very good team, with some young pieces but needing some structure, some leadership, some grit and in the NW division you better bring some team defence.

Anonymous said...

I think it's fair to say the season is over. We need at least 17 wins out of 25 games--and we finish the season on a road trip. It's over unless a miracle happens.

The question now is, who do we sell?

Roli? Smyth? Lupul? All three and more?

Who can we off-load to save some cash and then make some decent trades/deals in the off-season?

I really think our cup run ruined us. We got caught in being forced to sign some expensive contracts as rewards (Pisani) and the Pronger deal made it worse.

We've got no money with an expensive, aging netminder, and a 4th line worth multi-millions. We've got to trade someone to free up some cash for some quality trades for next year.

I say at least rent out Roli and Lupul, if not more. Nedved is gone. Sykora won't stay. Call up all the rookies (Schremp) and let them play out the season. Admit this is a rebuilding year and make the next one a quality effort. Perhaps if you can give the minor players some ice time you can increase their trade value. Would Winchester and Thoresen be worth anything in the off-season?


-- Bob

James Mirtle said...

Good post — except Shea Weber's not going anywhere.

Natasha said...

Maybe we could also shoot Bergeron. I really hate that guy and his stupid plays.

I don't know what's with the stupid penalties.

Hopefully we'll sneak into the playoffs. I think we need to keep Smyth--realistically he's the only guy who is really playing at the level he needs to.

Schremp is funny. What a tool lol! I'd like to see him try that in an NHL game, wouldn't go over too well methinks.

Anyway, I like your blog. I forget how exactly I found it. Check out mine sometime... I post a random mix of things, usually involving hockey/Oilers.


Natasha said...

i guess it would help to put my blog URL


Katie O'D said...

I'm torn on the coaching too. The pp was god-awful and the lines confused me, but then again with Moreau, Stoll, and Pisani out, there's a big piece of the puzzle missing for them. Still...it's the Bruins. What the hell. And for some reason it hadn't occurred to me to move Sykora- as soon as we're really out of it (if it gets to that point), why not? He's played well enough to earn a decent return.

mike w said...

>Shea Weber's not going anywhere.

But you didn't see what I offered from my fantasy GM desk!

Anonymous said...

Being as this season is turning into a bust I'm going to agree with Bob and say the Oil should call up a couple rookies snd keep them arounf for more than a week... Hopefully they will play decently and inspire (read: embarass) our main guys into playing better. And throw in Jussi as the #1...things could get better...well they won't get any worse....I hope.


Anonymous said...

RE: Schremp.

Is it bad that I hate him more and more with each youtube posting (at least until they put one up where he's working on his fundamentals and not his tricks)?

Dude - I just don't want him on my team. He's exactly the type of player I will never like. Never.


Stuey said...

Bob, excellent point about having to 'reward' players for the Cup run, rather than paying them for expected value for the following season. There's no doubt that the former equates to bigger numbers than the latter.

mike w said...

So basically you want us to bench veterans in favour of a late-season training camp?

Giving Dany Syvret 10 more games isn't going to make this team better, now or later.

And Jussi is a hero in my mind, but he basically sucks. Roloson has a pretty good SVP in front of one of the league's worst defence corps -- he's the least of this team's problems.