Saturday, February 10, 2007


Looks like our hated neighbours to the South beat us to the prize.

Brad Stuart is a Flame, along with Boston teammate Wayne Primeau for Andrew Ference and Chuck Kobasew. Clearly, with Iginla and Kipper's contracts expiring in 2008 the Flames are going balls-out for a Cup this year. Both Stuart and Primeau are UFAs at season end, while Ference only recently signed a long term deal to 2009/10 ($1.4 million), along with Kobasew being signed until to the end of next season.

Brad Stuart is clearly the best player, but the Flames are at risk of throwing away a pretty good defenceman if they don't do some damage in the playoffs. Some people still think of Kobasew as a offensive magic box ready to explode goals, but he hasn't shown himself to be a top six forward in four seasons as a Flame. Primeau's a spare part checking centre that's a dime a dozen. For a rental, it's a pretty good deal for Calgary -- especially the added bonus of sticking it in Kevin Lowe's craw. Then again, Calgary is a city full of retarded losers.

Hey, my shift's over -- time to drink!


young d said...


Did you boot "Pleasure" Motors! and Chris!?

Or did they get traded to Calgary too?
I noticed just your name in "ABOUT ME"

scott said...

Then again, Calgary is a city full of retarded losers.

Truer words have never been spoken.

(I'm an Edmontonian transpanted to Calgary for work-related reasons)

Canuck Fan said...

What exactly happens when one is "trans-panted"? Is that just the bottom half of a gender-reassignment surgery?

And why exactly would this occur for work reasons?

Enquiring Canuck fans want to know.

mike w said...

>Did you boot "Pleasure" Motors! and Chris!?

Not at all. Those dudes are still nominally my friends, except that Blogger insists on upgrading our accounts (which means they haven't signed up yet).

young d said...

So nothing scandalous or juicy in the Covered In Oil world?
Oh well.

mike w said...

Well: Chris is having a sex change.

Eyeris said...

Hey, you wait till your shift is over before you start drinking?!

What kind of writer are you?