Thursday, March 1, 2007

Are you kidding me!?


That's it? $100,000?! Okay, now I hate this team.


mike w said...

The "highly placed, highly credible source" obviously could be Meehan himself, of course.

Still, from what I'm reading, everything points to Kevin Lowe being stubborn, cheap and foolish on this deal.

Black Dog said...

man, I can't believe I'm playing devil's advocate on this one, mike

rumour is the Oil went into Tuesday offering 5, Meehan demanding 5.5

by the end of it the Oilers were offering 5.4

now, if this is true, and the Oilers didn't come that extra 100Gs well, that's pretty dumb

but meehan has to give a little to

and I do blame meehan - I guarantee that he told Smyth that they would never move him - Smyth was in total shock

the Oilers should have signed him last summer - they blew it, no doubt

but if I were Ryan Smyth I'd be asking Donnie Meehan how this came to pass - 5.4M per for 5 years and a no-trade and he held out for more? why?

Black Dog said...
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D. said...

I don't know who to blame anymore - Lowe? Smyth? Meehan? Smyth gives up the Oiler garb for $100 000 a year?

Or, is it that Lowe is too cheap, even though I'm understanding that he went higher than he really wanted.

Or, do I blame Meehan? Did Smyth actually know what Meehan was doing - holding out for that extra $100 000? I always heard Smyth say, "I don't know, my agent is taking care of that." Don't they talk to each other?

Perhaps I am being too simplistic. It's just sad that the deal was so close, and now Ryan Smyth is "happily" holding a puck in an Islander jersey.

I don't know what the deal is. All I know is that I'm sad to see Ryan leave us. There is no way he is coming back.

Anonymous said...

I agree, D. There is no way he'll come back, especially with all the drama that surrounds this decision.

I blame Smyth. It's really crappy business to not consult with your agent, or to know what's going on.

There is more here than meets the eye - time will tell!


Scarlett said...

It looks like Lowe compromised, gave more than he should have and then Smitty (and his demon spawn of an agent) refused to budge. I'm angry with Lowe for leaving this so late but more so with Smyth. I think part of him wanted to be a free agent. The other part of him thought he had Lowe by the balls, and he'd cave. You called his bluff but guess what, he wasn't bluffing.

mike w said...

My only point is that Smyth wasn't going to sign for $5 million by any stretch after the Doan and Tanguay contracts.

As such, I don't see it as two equal sides failing to meet in the middle. Smyth was easily worth $5.5 million (that was my guess leading up to the trade) and Lowe gave him up.

Anonymous said...

Smyth’s agent surely relayed all offers to Smyth—there is something else to this—a tough guy like Smyth doesn’t hold out for an extra 100k on one hand and then cry about leaving on the other. Now if you excuse me I am heading to the Nassau Coliseum to cheer on my team’s newest rental.

Anonymous said...

If 100K was the difference, all the drama dissipates for me. It becomes too ridiculous to care. Fuck them all. What is a couple hundred grand to multimillionaires? Apparently, everything.

mike said...

Sorry if this is a double (or triple) post:

A fucking internet campaign could have come up with a hundred grand if that was really the issue (hell, the money raised to pay the McGeough fine could have been the downpayment). EIG themselves have said they could "afford" to pay for top players. In Smytty's case, they chose not to.

Maybe this is emotion talking, because after two days, this still hurts as a fan. But two days of ruminating has also made it clearer to me that EIG, Kevin Lowe, or all of them have simply taken fan support for granted.

They knew what the backlash would be like. Plenty of irate fans, but as the previous post indicates, there is always a ready stable of apologists to rationalize a move like this. But not even the most delusional kool-aid drinker can deny that this deal has ripped the guts out of this team. I'd be surprised to see them pull it together for six or seven more wins this year.

Where does that leave us? Surely ownership and management know that they won't be able to replace everything Smyth brought to the team. And surely they know that all of those "94" sweaters in the stands aren't going to be happily traded in for O'Marra gear next week.

For this fan, it means that this summer, this organization needs to show a real commitment to upgrade. They've told me I shouldn't get too attached to anybody. So I'm damn sure not going to be satisfied with a collection of castoffs and journeymen being passed off to me as a contender.

If I'm going to be, as mike w so eloquently put it, "cheering for laundry," it might be nice to win a fucking game or two while I do it.

Lost interest said...

Don't forget that Kevin Lowe graduated from Glen Sather's University of Don'tFuckWithMe OrI'llSend YouToSiberia (also known as the U of AgentsCan BlowMe).

Tactics like that have guys like Peca and Pronger going "See?"

Real easy to attract UFAs, hey? Don't you suppose Sykora's asshole tightened up a bit?

I'll bet Lowe chuckled at the applause his mentor got from the Rexall crowd on Tuesday night.

Totally retarded.

Andy Grabia said...

The idea that any of this is Smyth's fault is absolutely mind-blowing to me. As I said in the comments at BoA:

"But in this situation, it seems more reasonable for them to give in than him. He would have taken discounts to stay in Edmonton before, and Lowe overpaid on every other bloody contract he negotiated this summer other than Hemsky's. Why shouldn't the teams top performer get the benefit of the doubt, ahead of the rest of those guys? It seems pretty reasonable that your top player would get the top contract, especially considering it's under what he could make on the free market in the summer. Don't fool yourself, or others, into thinking he was ripping the team off in his contract request."

To repeat:

a) He's taken the "home-town discount" before.
b) He was taking it again, because he'll get way more than $27.5 over 5 on the UFA market this year.
c) They overpaid on contracts to Roloson, Pisani, Staios, Moreau and Stoll.
d) All of those overpayments were negotiated before they even started talking to him.

And yet people blame him? Give me a break. No wonder the EIG does whatever the hell it wants. They know they have thoousands of people in this city that will help them assassinate a guy on the way out the door.

BTW, the Barnes story says the difference was 100k, but 100k per year.

James said...

Fuck the EIG, and screw the apologist fans who won't get up off their knees. What the hell is with the herd mentality in Alberta? This is almost as bad as everyone feeling sorry for Ralph Klein after he verbally berated a bunch of homeless people at a shelter.

Scarlett said...

Smitty himself said today there was more to it.

From TSN: He reportedly sought a five-year deal worth $5.4 million a season from Edmonton. Smyth denied reports he and the Oilers split because of a difference of $200,000 per season.

"That's not right. There is more to it than that. If that was true I would've ..," he said before catching himself.

Black Dog said...

scarlett beat me to it - that was in the AP story

which means that while this whole situation sucks (and it still does) it did not blow up over such a small amount

relatively speaking of course

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is missing the point:

Smyth was a huge liability with a 5 year contract. The price was just one part of the equation.

Smyth will, of course, get over $5.4 mil on the open market, but he'll be hard pressed to find a team that will give him five years worth (maybe the Islanders). This guys is going to move from team to team for the next 6 - 9 years until he retires.

The Oilers came up big here. If they choose to run with what they've got this summer, we can makes some massive trades and get a player that's way better than Smyth.

-- Bob

mike w said...

>he'll be hard pressed to find a team that will give him five years worth (maybe the Islanders).

I think you are so wrong.

Oiler Joe said...

OK everything else aside, why is Sykora still on this team? Or Juicy Rebound for that matter? If you're having a clearance sale, why hold on to merchandise you're going to throw out soon? This is the dumbest move by KLowe in my opinion. No one will disagree the season is done for the Oil, especially after tonight vs the Wild, but did Lowe think that Sykora might actually help this team make a miracle run to the playoffs? I could've sworn he'd be gone. When was the last time the Oil scored a goal? Sure could use a 30 goal scorer in the line-up.

Andrew Galarneau said...
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Andy Grabia said...

Smyth will, of course, get over $5.4 mil on the open market, but he'll be hard pressed to find a team that will give him five years worth (maybe the Islanders

I'd bet Mike's left nut that he gets exactly what he wants on the open market. And six or seven teams will be salivating over him. On the other hand, it looks like the Oil may not score another goal this season. But we got a 3rd line forward and Kent Nillson's kid, at least. No reason to be bitter at all.

mike w said...

>I'd bet Mike's left nut

Hey! That's my nut!

And I need it, too: the other one I lost in a bad bet at the track.

(A long story).

Oh, and about the game: the worse the better. Bring it on. Let's wallow in it. I love it. Go Ducks.

Anonymous said...

with any luck, mike, you'll see your boy out here with peca, losing every other home game at the acc.

well, not physically see it. unless you come into an inheritance.

Anonymous said...

Hmmn, I really think any team that signs Smyth to a five year contract is nuts. So, even if you guys are right, those teams that offer Smyth five years are making a huge mistake. What happens if his knee blows out again next year?

Our money's better spent on overpaying someone else. Think about Phaneuf. He's exactly the kind of player that Lowe loves.

I bet we overpay by millions to get him to leave Calgary (I think he's a restricted free agent in '08) and/or send the Flames a bunch of our prospects.

I'm sure most fans would be okay with that after a season and they see Phaneuf has 8 more years of playing left in him than Smyth did, and he pulls in similar goals and points--as a defencemen!

He's +17 this year and has 41 points thus far.

If the Oilers are going to realistically make a cup run, they can't afford to take the risk of signing Smyth to five years.

I know our emotions tell us he was the heart and soul of a team, but remember that he was the heart and soul of a team that has no chance of making 8th place, and had only one cup run in 12 years--which had everything to do with Pronger, Roloson, et al, than it did to have Smyth hanging around.

-- Bob

Anonymous said...

I agree Bob. I would have been the first one to scream for joy if Smyth signed for 27M. Well I did, cause stupid TSN told me they had a deal done, but thats another story.

27M is an overpayment for Smyth, but every single Oilers fan would have been behind it, and would have found a way to rationalize it even while Smytty continued to put up 65-75 points per year.

All the Flames and Nucks fans who are now saying "OMG, I can't believe you let Smyth leave..." would have been saying "Hahaha, you're paying 5.5M for a guy whose never had more than 70 points, and you think Iggy is overpaid..."

I still love the guy, but he had the opportunity to retire an Oiler, and he passed it up. Who really knows why. We could blame greed, his soul sucking agent, Kevin Lowe, or the fact that this may have never happened if we didn't lose to Minny Sunday night.

I can see Smyth getting 6M as an UFA, but not for more than 3 years. The Isles might give him a 5 year 27M contract, but thats just cause they gave up so much to get him, it would seem dumb for them not too.

Its estimated Smyth made 20M over his 12 years as an Oiler. He had the opportunity to make 27M over 5...I don't know why he's gone. It makes no sense to me.

And one thing that really burns me about the whole thing is his comments about providing for his family, or some nonsense like that. Just shows how out of touch with reality professional athletes can be.

The one positive out of this deal is that now I can cheer for a team in the East, the NYI!


mike w said...

Please, not again: Ryan Smyth being on a mostly mediocre team for 12 years is somehow his fault? As if there weren't enough Beraneks, Tommy Salos and Eric Brewer Number 1 Ds on this team in that span to account for that? It's beyond a weak argument. Blame Lowe for that, not one of the few consistent goal scorers on the team.

>What happens if his knee blows out again next year?

That's a risk with every player, anytime. I also want to point out that Smyth has been surprisingly durable over the years. He's 31, not 37.


I see what you're saying, but at $5.4 million Smyth wasn't going to get paid superstar money. Maybe at it's $400,000 more than some would like, but that's chump change, basically the cost of a Toby Peterson or Alexei Minkhov in the lineup.

The Oil still had cap room and a reasonable first line with him in the lineup. Now the Oilers will have to try to replace him with another first line LW when there's no guarantee we can lure one at a cheaper price.

If you have a team that openly talks of "rebuilding" it's the sign that it's poorly managed (remember the last time Dallas, Detroit or New Jersey were "rebuilding?).

The trade sets the team back, creates another hole where the wasn't a hole before, and the team simply sucks as of now.

mike w said...

Also, people against the Lowe trade are not sentimental or being fan boys.

On paper, it's a bad deal.

LittleFury said...
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LittleFury said...

If you have a team that openly talks of "rebuilding" it's the sign that it's poorly managed (remember the last time Dallas, Detroit or New Jersey were "rebuilding?).

What about teams that talk about rebuilding, but then never do it?

Anonymous said...

lost interest.
good handle.
no doubt.

Vic Ferrari said...

mike w

I don't think it matters what number Smyth was asking for, this would have ended with the Oilers claiming that they were ever so close.

I remember when Marchant was a pending UFA, he had a strong year due mostly to getting time on the point on the PP. Out of the blue Lowe announced that they were in serious negotiations with Marchant's representatives and were hopeful of working out a deal shortly.

Marchant snapped when he heard this. And following expletives he said that they were not in negotiations, and that his agent had been trying to contact Lowe for weeks but had never spoken to him because Lowe had not returned any of his calls.

Same stuff this time, Lowe has learned though, played it a little better this time from a PR point of view.

Jeez, we can take honesty Kev. Stop being so fucking greasy.