Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our business is sucking, and business is good.

Yawn. Another game, another shutout loss. Wake me up when the team starts giving a shit again.

And it looks like someone forgot to tell Matt Greene that the Ryan Smyth trade was a hockey decision, not a business decision. From John MacKinnon's article today:

"I learned this year that it's a business, it's not a game anymore," said Greene, who played 22:01 minutes on Saturday night.

[...] "You deal with the negative side of trades, not the positive like last year when we got all these superstars. This year we deal away a big piece from our team (Ryan Smyth).

"It was a learning experience for me, totally, to figure out the style of game you need to play to succeed."
Matt, my good man, you're a minus-19 defenceman. Just because you're getting 20+ minutes a night on a hobbled AHL team doesn't mean you've "figured out" a successful style of play. Anyhow. Read the rest here, if you care.

Also, if you thought McLea's hilariously self-righteous sputtering in the previous comments thread was good, check out the cleft-foreheaded shrieking Mudcrutch has to put up with on his blog. Pure Overtime Open Line gold.


mike w said...

Who says we don't crunch the numbers here at CinO!

According to a drunken Prez from Hot Oil, she saw "lots of 'non-embarrassed for being terrible' Oilers at the bar" last night.

Hell, if my team got pasted for my 13 loss in 14 games, I'd need a stiff drink, too.

Anonymous said...

Can the women in this town not cut some of these fucking guys off? "Don't suck his dick until he takes a hit" should be taught in local schools with respect to a certain Messr. Lupul.

Andy Grabia said...

Don't suck his dick until he takes a hit" should be taught in local schools with respect to a certain Messr. Lupul.

Holy shit is that ever funny.

Andy Grabia said...

Did you see Horcoff's comments in the Ireland article, btw?

"Maybe some nights we would have hoped there were only going to be 11,000 people out there, but I've been here seven years and I just knew they would support us," Horcoff said.

So he actually wanted people to stay home?

Andy Grabia said...

That line about the sellout in MacKinnon's article also pisses me off. What was the actual attendance in the building? I could care less if they sold out. 13,000 of those were sold by September. The other 4,000 were put on sale over a month ago. He purposely confuses the sellout with actual attendance, just like the EIG would do. Now, I have no doubt a lot of people were there last night, but don't blow smoke up my ass. Those tickets weren't purchased this week. Furthermore, if the games are sold out no matter what, shouldn't that help dissolve the myth that Edmonton is a small-market city?

Black Dog said...

Andy is talking to himself here again so I had better step in.

Interesting comment by Horcoff - he knows they are terrible and is probably pretty embarrassed by this mess.

They've sold out every game, Andy, but I watched the game last night, albeit only until about halfway through the third, and there were a lot of people there. The CBC guys commented on it - they were pretty amazed.

Anyhow, except for the first Colorado game the effort has been there by all accounts. It certainly was last night. Lots of try. Even Lupul looked interested.

But a few guys are hurting and Torres, I don't even know what he is doing. He must have been high. He had the puck about eight feet out, all alone, and tried to ... well, they said it was a pass but nobody was there and he fanned on it. Bizarre.

In any case, I wouldn't blame the players for not losing sleep over this mess. They are trying - management stopped trying last July and then ripped the heart from the team by trading Smyth (is there such a thing as negative trying?).

I've been on shit teams before myself - after a while it becomes a joke. Considering these guys fucked the dog seriously in one game since Lowe flushed the season, I think that's pretty good.

They're terrible but dammit, they have heart!

Or something like that.

T.C. said...

OK, so this season is over, awready. As an Oiler fan living elsewhere, tell me this: is there any chance at all, realistically, that Lowe can get Smythe back as an UFA this summer, or was that just window dressing to keep fans from toilet papering Lowe's car/house/wife/dog/all of the above?

Lowetide said...

t.c.: No. Ryan Smyth will win his Stanley in another town.

On the positive side of things, the Oilers budget will be 43M or more, which means they can sign Scott Hartnell and Sean Brown.

Black Dog said...

Do you really think they can get Sean Brown?

Andy Grabia said...

Hey LT, don't forget Todd Fedoruk.

I hear what you are saying Pat, and I'm sure the rink was full. But I'd be surprised if it was full all game, and I doubt anyone's hot on the idea of buying tickets now. They were all pre-sold. Saying it was a sellout without acknowledging things like that is intentionally misleading, in my opinion.

T. said...

I think the tickets sold vs. actual attendence reporting is widespread throughout the league, though and certainly other teams (need to) do it far more often than the Oilers.

That said - I was at the Colorado debacle on Wednesday and the Nashville game and I'd have to say, more people stayed longer for the final home game. But in both cases the place did empty out significantly after the 50/50.

Andy Grabia said...

Check this out. Awesome.

T. said...

THAT is golden! There was a point during the game when we heard a huge cheer and then a few minutes later some boos and, very confused, my friend said "Are they watching the same game?" because the reactions weren't to anything happening on the ice... THAT must have been when this happened! I wish I'd seen it - I would have cheered heartily!

Anonymous said...

What a display of creativity and ingenuity. That is a most fabulous protest!

Stevens8204 said...

Come support the business of Oilers fans...they need help at today. The NHL Arena needs them.

Simon said...

When do we start counting down the days until the CFL season starts? Go Esks!

Doogie said...

Does Mr. Stevens realize what the prevailing opinion of the Oilogosphere is regarding the new arena? I presume not.

Pleasure Motors said...

Mr. Stevens is actually advertising a new NHL webboard, though I think we should be just as supicious of any internet forum that calls itself "Home of the Hockey Expert" as we are of any new arena. I'm not sure where Hockey Experts live, but I assume a webboard would have to dig a very large hole to try and find one. (Except for HF, of course: those guys are all geniuses.)

Anonymous said...

Come on guys. Build the arena downtown. It would be cool. A downtown arena would encourage downtown workers to hang out after work until the game starts, instead of running back to the suburbs at 5. During that hour, they need to eat dinner and if their jobs are like mine, drink. And if the Oil make another deep playoff run, there will be way higher stuff for Sherwood Park residents to hang off of.

Baroque said...

I'm not sure where Hockey Experts live...

In ice caves with wireless internet access and HDTV. :)

Lowetide said...

Hockey expert? That's Pierre Mcguire. Just ask him.

Anonymous said...

A downtown arena would encourage downtown workers to hang out after work until the game starts, instead of running back to the suburbs at 5

By that logic shouldn't all the downtown workers (do people still work downtown? aren't most of them on refinery row and down 50th street, which puts them closer to Sherwood Park and Northlands than they are to downtown?) be drinking at the pubs perfectly halfway between Jasper/101 and 118/72?

MetroGnome said...

I'm starting to visit this blog for the headlines and the comments alone. Not saying that the posts aren't entertaining enough, understand.

Who would have though CinO wold get better once the Oilers sank into purgatory?

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