Tuesday, March 13, 2007

“You get paid by the company and so do I.”

For the three other Oilers fans that watched Monday's PPV broadcast and perhaps felt the need to grab the Pepto-Bismol, Tyler has another great post on MC79 Hockey.

Putting aside the shoddy in-house production of these "premium" broadcasts, for the low-low price of $11.95 Oilers ownership treated viewers to an extended interview -- during the middle of the game, of course -- with their top sales dog, Pat LaForge, on everything related to season ticket sales, Oil Kings ticket sales, season ticket sales, how the team is actually quite good now, season ticket sales, and yes, season ticket sales. Message: Remember the March 14 deadline for renewal on price-hiked season tickets, you idiots!

You know something has soured when, looking back at the season, Pat LaForge and the rest of EIG have a higher profile than what's left on the actual team.

Come to think of it, I think I'm even developing a Tom Benjamin Gary-Bettman-hate-thing for this guy.

Sour grapes? Yep. Three more regulation losses and we tie the team's mid-1990s record -- someone has to stay pissed off.


Darien said...

And now Smyth's Jesus-like comments on TSN. "Yes, the oil fucked with me but I still love them despite the fact that they are losing 8 games in a row (about to be 9)" he says as he flashes a grin that scores goals all on its own.

Temujin said...

And I thought the Canucks PPV's were bad.


Anonymous said...

Attention! This is the EIG. Step away from the keyboard, disgruntled sports fans. Resume apathetic behaviour immediately or we'll sign Brian McCabe to a 40 year deal worth 90 trillion british pounds sterling.

Julian said...

wait, what did Smyth say exactly?

please, i need some hope here, anywhere, anything....

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, you want to share your Oilers related dreams? Here's mine.

I was in a Whyte Avenue sandwhich shop, and Raffi Torres came in. We chatted for a bit, and then he offered me 45$ to mow his lawn. He gave me the cash, which I then spent on alcohol and got drunk and then showed up at his house ready to work. He yelled at me.

Does that make me gay for Raffi Torres?

Share your dreams!


mike w said...

Shortly after the SCF, I had a dream that the Oilers won game 7.

Then I woke up.


James said...

I had a dream after the Oil's 5th or 6th straight loss that Craig McTavish, in the morning paper (The Journal, of course), defiantly said: "We're not only making the Playoffs, we're TAKING the playoffs."

And, on the night that Smyth got traded, I dreamt that he was in a corporate skybooth (or whateverthefuck you call those things) crying in the lap of Mark Messier. Messier was stroking his hair softly, offering nothing but silent moral support and comfort.

Seemed a bit gay to me at the time...