Thursday, April 5, 2007

Apparently, there was an Oilers game tonight!

It's all about finding the middle point between being really good and really bad. Kevin Lowe renewed his commitment to long-standing Oilers mediocrity in today's Sun:

"We treated our fans to some of the best hockey they've seen in well over a decade last year, and this year we've rebounded with probably the worst hockey they've had in over a decade. We just have to find a little balance."
Lately, the tone of this blog has been that of a coroner making dry quips while picking over a corpse, and I'm unable to think of anything other than pointing out that the Oilers suck, over and over again. But seriously folks, they suck oh so bad. How many shutouts and one-goal games have we seen in this quarter-season collapse? The new NHL is programmed to assure parity, and the Oilers lately are as bad as the 1980-81 Winnipeg Jets. I thought there might be a novel, Kansas City Royals kind of fun to having a really terrible team, but instead my fandom has been characterized by apathy, a renewed love of baseball and tremulous fits of rage, usually in the form of spittle directed at the dimwads on HF Boards.

Anyway, I'm afraid to ask: did anyone catch tonight's game against Minnesota?

[sound of crickets]

I thought I'd tune in for Robbie Schremp's debut, but for meaningful hockey I drifted over to the Leafs/Islanders game (heart pang alert: Ryan Smyth and Marc-Andre Bergeron featured prominently in the match up). Gotta admit that playoff-implicating hockey is always fun to watch. An Islanders win sets up a classic HNIC tilt Saturday between Toronto and Montreal, although I still hope that the Islanders sneak in through the backdoor Sunday with a win over the Devils (they trail the Leafs and Canadiens, but with a game in hand). As for the Oilers, I'll say this albeit in an entirely different context than what I first envisioned back in September I can't wait for the regular season to be over. BAH!


Anonymous said...

I watched the first 29 minutes or so, and the last 2, and I gotta say, I still love Tom Gilbert!

Schremp didn't look bad, in fact he had a couple good chances, but really, what can you expect? This team has been up shit creek without a paddle since X-mas.

I still like Pouliot, Thoresen, and Gilbert for roster spots next season. If Moreau, Staios, and Stoll are healthy, we are easily 10X better than we are right now.

And as for these past 19 games or so, if you set your expectations low enough, you're guaranteed to never be disappointed!

But seriously, who thought we were going anywhere 20 games in? Anyone?

*more crickets chirping*

This season's a write-off. And it's pretty hard to judge a bunch of prospects fairly when they're playing on the crappiest team in the league.

Look beyond the stats page when you evaluate the rookies. If anyone should be crucified its the vets (minus the injured and infirmed, and Gator). Lupul, Torres, Horcoff, Pisani, Hemsky, and Sykora are more at fault than Smid, Pouliot, JFJ, Brodziak, etc.

When you've hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up :)

And suddenly Roli's gonna be playing in a game that actually means something this Saturday.



Darien said...

Smyth may have terminated the Leaf's season this afternight. Terminated with a capital T and that rhymes with G and that stands for Golf.

Garnet said...

The game only means something to the other team, Chrissy. And it's hard for our club to play for pride -- or even the Battle of Alberta -- when half our team can only remember as far back as Andrei Kovalenko.

Anonymous said...

Oilers right now are the perfect type of hockey team to follow, for all the wrong reasons.

I remember the glory years, and to be honest I prefer to see them tank endlessly, rather than see them squeeze into 8th, sometimes 9th place over and over.

Last night's game was particularly memorable for me. I was listening to the radio and whenever i would hear names like "Lupul" or "Winchester" I just KNEW nothing was going to happen.

The really funny thing is, even though the players obviously hate the coaches, unlike a normal team the coaches will remain the same, and the players will be fired - many of them to go on to play meaningful roles on winning teams.

Other winning teams.

I knew the season was lost as soon as I read about the amazing Thorenson/Peterson/Sykora signings, which pretty well guaranteed that no real Oilers draft picks would be playing on the "big" club.

Oh yeah, then Nedved. This team has got to finish 31st before anything fundamentally chenges from a coaching standpoint.

Why even bother drafting? LOL


Anonymous said...

Wild fan here.
Your guy Smolinko is a goof.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this "Smolinko" guy. You mean Mikhail Shtalenkov, who played 34 games for the Oilers in 1998-99? What about legendary enforcer Dave Semenko, who scored the last goal in WHA history in 1979, the second of nine full seasons with the Oil? Maybe it's Andrei Kovalenko, who spent two and a half seasons as an Oiler in the late 90s? Or is it Bryan Smolinski, who's never played a minute in copper and blue?

Do let me know at your earliest possible convenience.