Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Lock up your bleached-blond, fake-tanned, A&F-wearing daughters

I can only assume the reason that Grabia hasn't posted this already is because he's currently passed out in front of his computer with a stain running down the inside of his sweat pants, but one Mr. Rob Schremp has finally gotten his shot with the big club. (Glove tap to Lady Byng for the link, via Hot Oil.)

It remains to be seen just what Mr. Schremp can do against the big boys, but it gives us a reason to watch again, at least. Will he become the powerplay wizard we so desperately need? Will he kick-start Joffrey Lupul? Will he become so focused on hot-dogging across the blueline that he gets his head taken off on his first shift? Will he even get off the bench after the first period with his complete inability to even pronounce "defensive zone coverage"? Only time will tell.

For now, here's what we do know about Schremp: