Friday, April 13, 2007

Tipple Time

Well it's Friday, the day that I set aside for myself to focus on some serious drinking.

The problem with being a beer werewolf is that I'm gonna have to skip out on a pretty good San Jose/Nashville matchup with a little bit of everything: cheap shots, goals, sexual tension and a plethora of great young defencemen that the Oilers never drafted or traded for.

And as much as I find Pierre "Madhammer Monster Performer" McGuire's bi-polar mania extremely disconcerting, I have to admit that with Gord Miller and Chris Cuthbert, TSN is skating circles around CBC's broadcast team, especially with McGuire between the benches dishing out dirt, giving an on-ice perspective that can only be an enhancement in a playoff game. Meanwhile on the CBC, Bob Cole and Don Whitman seem to always be a player or two behind whenever the puck changes possession. And while I might be the only non-Leafs fan that likes Harry Neale, the rest of the CBC colourmen are rather bland and short on insight. At The Score, Elliot Friedman was a good hockey reporter, but at the CBC I'm not even sure what he does, except pop up for the a lame interview every once in a while. If the CBC had anything going for them (which they do not), they'd hire Ray Ferraro in a heartbeat.

Okay, time to go drink the shit out of a beer.


Pleasure Motors said...

Forget Ray Ferraro, if the CBC was really on the ball, they'd hire Craig Simpson.

Also, Harry Neale just finished talking about the sports bar he went to last night. Sucks to your colourman.

daniel said...

That reminds me of the job he did as the colour guy in NHL 07. Direct quote: "What is this powerplay doing??"

And what the hell happened in Nashville tonight?

McLea said...

the rest of the CBC colourmen are rather bland and short on insight.

Ya, Jim Hughson is terrible. You're right.


Anonymous said...

Hughson isn't a colourman.

Scarlett said...

I would still take CBC over TSN. I prefer their commentating, even if some call it bland. It beats McGuire's over-the-top yelling any day!

(I too like Harry Neale)

Darien said...

Does anybody listen to that Don idiotface guy on Sportsnet connected? He looks like his face is falling off and has the most annoying commentator voice ever. EVER! buzeafazahlafhkjdsfHESCORES!

Baroque said...

Bless your lucky Canadian stars--you could always be stuck with Versus. (I think I am wearing out the mute button on my remote.)

Eyeris said...

What Baroque said it true. Versus is much worse.

Art Vandelay said...

That's Donny "Gallivan" Taylor in
Vancouver. He can't go 30 seconds without stumbling over his cue cards. Easily the worst sports reader outside of the "Boom goes the dynamite" guy.
Glad to see Gord Miller get his props. I actually think he's the strongest voice in hockey broadcasting, and he refrains from homerism and whining. Plus, he has to put up with the spastic idjit Pierre Maguire.

Katie O'D said...

At least Versus admitted that they suck and just played the TSN broadcast last night.

katie said...

bergeron scored the game winner tonight for the Isles.
i'm forgetting why there was such demand to trade him rather than mr chinstrap mcsuck.
oh well. at least they can perfect their golf swings. look out shootout... next year we'll have an army of rob schremp wannabe's nine-ironing the puck down the ice...
reminder to self: don't drink and post comments, it's a poor choice. and it takes a long time.

Pleasure Motors said...


(wicked guitar solo)


Oiler Joe said...

"the rest of the CBC colourmen are rather bland and short on insight."

Ya, Jim Hughson is terrible. You're right.


Last I checked (2 days ago) Jim Hughson is still the play-by-play man and the only decent one at CBC.

The colourmen to choose from at CBC are:
Harry Neale
Greg Millen *vomit (is he carrying Mike Modano's baby yet?)
Drew Remenda

Pretty slim pickings if you ask me. These guys make Glen Healey sound like Dick Irving around a summer camp fire.

Before Ferraro came on the scene, I thought Simpson was the best Colourman. I'd hate to see Ray go, but I'd rather it be the CBC than some american network.

McGuire is starting to grow on me a bit. He knows as much as anyone else and I really enjoy his commentary from between the benches. I just hate it when he says things like "that's being pro-active in the corners" and he should certainly never have his own 30 min show.

TSN's greatest strength is their play-by-play announcers. Cuthbert and Miller are two of the top three in the country. What makes them so good is, much like Hughson, they know so much about the game that they could do both jobs. I don't think the same thing can be said about Don Whitman (still dizzy from the freestyle aerials he covered last week) and Mark Lee (still trying to catch his breath from that thrilling Grey Cup).

I really can't believe that the CBC let Cuthbert go. He was a great Hockey talent and easily the best football announcer in the country. Oh well, CBC's loss is TSN's gain. It's just too bad we have to listen to Mark Lee doing every Grey Cup.