Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'd buy THAT for a dollar!

Downloaded and watched the movie Robocop last night. It had been years since I'd seen it, and let me tell you, it actually wears pretty damn well. At its heart, it's a remarkably simplistic, almost Wild West story of determined revenge: dude gets shot to death by some people, dude comes back, dude shoots the people who shot him, dude is avenged. Of course, there's also way more robots and hookers and cocaine and insane overacting than your average western, but still. Good flick. Really.

Clearly, though, the best part of Robocop is that "I'd buy that for a dollar" television show/advertisement that everyone in the future seems to find so completely hilarious.

I mean, really, what's this show about? Some nerd hangs out with babes for a while, and then, when the situation finally drives over the edge of madness, offers to buy the situation he's already in for a dollar? Shit man, the babes are free! They're already hanging off your arms, right there, in full giggle mode! Maybe I don't get it.

But speaking of things one could buy for a dollar, The Raleigh News and Observer wrote a couple days ago that Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford is offering 23-year-old defenceman Anton Babchuk around the league, asking a 2007 second-round pick in return.

Selected 21st overall by Chicago in the 2002 draft, the 6-foot-6, 200-pound Babchuk was acquired via trade by Carolina in Jan. 2006 and apparently played pretty well, before falling out of favour when he refused to report to Albany of the AHL in March of this year. Don't know much about the guy myself (maybe some of the Canes fans who might still be reading this blog could elucidate?) but his size and the fact that he has almost 100 "at-bats" (as LT would say) at such a young will surely be tempting to someone. His writeup on is encouraging as well:

Anton has already developed a nasty physical edge to his game that will only get stronger as he grows. Defensively Anton is a very good, hard hitter, able to deliver hits along the boards or out in open ice. Besides delivering the hits, Anton also effectively uses his large frame to block shots. He plays a strong positional game, able to keep the opponents in front of him. For a guy his stature, he is a solid skater with good speed and above average lateral movement, but still has room to improve in the skating department.
So does this sound like a guy the Oilers might be interested in? Sure, we have enough youth on the blueline as it is, but from a distance he kind of sounds like a slightly more useful Matt Greene, and he could be an intriguing asset for such a price. Just throwing it out there, dinks.

In other defenceman-related news, it sounds like the Canadiens have made an offer to pending UFA Andrei Markov, offering him a four-year deal at $5M per. That actually seems kind of lowball to me, in both duration (he's only 28, after all, and just starting his upswing) and value, considering the blueliner market out there. I don't know, I'd be pretty surprised if this is the deal he signs, even if he's said he wants to stay in Montreal.


Brushback said...

Babchuck just signed to play overseas for Avangard Omsk, though, so the Oilers would have to get around that situation.

Lord Bob said...

The trouble with using Russian Prospects as a barometer is that you need the weight of Keith Tkachuk in paper towel to wipe some of the slobber away. "Nasty physical edge" in Babchuk's case probably means "was seen making firm physical contact with a hot 18-year-old waitress at a restaurant last year".

jon said...

He's basically a less-skilled, slower Marc-Andre Bergeron. The only real benefit to him is that he's as big as Bergeron is small. Probably not worth a second, at least in this draft.

garnet said...

Never mind Babchuk. If you guys don't check Deadspin on a regular basis, check out the skillz of Randy from the Alliance Sports Bureau:

Black Dog said...

No details on cash but Markov has signed for four years this afternoon.

Chris! said...

Yeah, I saw that. Too bad, but good on Montreal for locking the guy up. He's a hell of a player.

I guess that means the Oilers will be turning their gaze to Timonen, then?

Black Dog said...

Perchance to dream, maybe Miali Timonen, Kimo's great aunt.

And after the game Redden had last night one hopes LT's (and mine at times) musings may not be true.

Matt Greene can have that bad a game at a sixth of the price.

Great signing for the Habs though, no doubt.

When does Winters return? I'm thinking its nearly that time, once again.

Chris! said...

Agreed, sir. I think Mike gets back from Berlin in mid-June sometime. Might be time for another Toronto Oilers bloggers summit.

Black Dog said...

Sounds good.