Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lowe strikes again

Kevin 'dirty pool" Lowe is up to his old tricks: tendering RFA Dustin Penner with a five-year $21.5 million offer, which the Ducks have the right to match. Another bold (desperate?) move by the Oilers' big cheese, flying in the face of the pre-existing gentlemen's agreement amongst GMs on not poaching RFAs from each other.

At $4.3 million a year, it's a reasonable offer on a burgeoning talent (29 goals, 45 Pts), one that I'd expect Brian Burke to match (only because that's what he said he'd do), if he wasn't pressed up against the salary cap. On the other hand, Penner seems to have had one good year, with an inflated shooting percentage, weak opposition and good linemates (sounds dangerously close to Lupul, doesn't it?). His size helps.

Anyway, I can't speak much for the guy since I spent most of the playoffs in Europe, licking my Oilers fan wounds. What do you think: is he worth it?
Either way, it's a lot more plausible as an actual signing than the Vanek offer ever was, and if Lowe pulls it off it's also a first, second and third rounder in next year's deep draft.


MetroGnome said...

Odd that Lowe didn't target Parise instead...

It's debatable whether Penner could replicate his numbers in Edmonton or not. Last year, he played on a line with 2 other burgeoning talents (Getzlaf, Perry) against some pretty weak competition. Even then he only came out even at ES.

Should be interesting to see Burke's response.

SweatyO said...

Anything related to Anaheim might be Lowe's Waterloo:

- Not getting Perry for Comrie when he had the chance (even though I think Corey Perry is an overrated, snivelling, loud-mouthed jackass).
- The Pronger deal
- Giving up three picks for Penner, wathching him underperform and the Oilers finishing in the top five, and then the Ducks end up with Stamkos or Doughty when the Oilers pick wins the draft lottery.

FUCK.....I'm scared Burke's laughing at Lowe right now because he's already decided he's not going to match.

Mattstro Disastro said...

I heard they were going to work out a deal that sends Fred Penner the other way.

Chris! said...

Sweatyo, no kidding. This is dumb. If we were pursuing a guy with the talent to vault us into the top 15, then sure. But Penner does not make us enough of a better team to justify giving up the draft picks.

I don't know. First reaction, I don't like this move.

Black Dog said...

Me neither.

But I think Burke matches.

Anonymous said...

Lowe on the surface, has gone nuts.

But, wtf do I know?


the sieve said...

I find it obscene that a guy who earned $450,000 last season would be offered an almost ten-fold raise based on a 45-point season on a team that was widely considered a juggernaut.

What is Lowe thinking? Is he just trying to prove they have the money and they're willing to spend it? Didn't he already do that with the deals he gave Staios, Pisani and whatzisname?

I don't know if this team can afford to be throwing draft picks around. Maybe they should hang on to their picks, suck it up for another year or two and try to develop some gems from within.

Lowe's got such a hardon for a free agent. He needs a cold shower. It's not like some big free agent is going to descend from the sky and lift this team back into the Stanley Cup final. Free agency is for when you already have most of the pieces in place and you just need a couple more to make it all click.

Alex said...

I would take it, but I think Burke will match. Penner is huge (6'4) and he doesn't have the hometown BS to deal with that Lupul did. I think playing with Hemsky he'd look good, and he's also got more upside than Lupul, in my opinion.

He had 84 points in 57 games in 05/06 and transitioned to the NHL with 29 goals. I'd expect him to keep up his development.

I also think a lot more people would be on board with this move if we didn't have the Lupul fiasco hanging over us still.

Alex said...

Sorry, I meant to say 84 points in 57 games in the AHL in 05/06.

Anonymous said...

So Lowe hung on to all his picks in this year's lousy draft but is hell-bent to get rid of his picks in next year's draft when there's some actual talent up for grabs? What the fuck?

-Little Fury

Anonymous said...

Burke will match. But he will be pissed off, and Lowe will be a marked man in the league from this day on. Seriously, what has happened to the leadership in Edmonton? It has been an avalanche of bad decisions over the last year or so!!!

Kyle said...

Burke won't match. I think he'll take the picks and run.

I feel like Lowe is going out of his way to sabotage this team.

Chris! said...

I keep getting angrier the more I think about this move. I mean, what the fuck are we doing handing this guy a 1000% raise based on one good season?

This is madness. I know Burke said he'd match any offer, but I'm sure he thought Lowe would be coming at him with a $2.5-3M bid tops.

If he matches this deal I'll be stunned. Relieved, but stunned.

Rod said...

Lowetide shares the concerns expressed above, albeit to a much more dramatic extent. Back away from the bridge LT...

This isn't nearly as horrible a move as some are making out. Nor is it without some risk, but consider:
- Penner is clearly a late bloomer. If I recall correctly, he failed to make a Tier II junior team. Instead, he played on his high school hockey team. Tell me how many NHL players have followed that path? He may not be 22, but I find it hard to believe he won't continue to improve now that he's reached the ripe old age of 24 (oh wait, he'll be 25 by the time the season starts...).
- Feb., March, and April of last season, plus/minus for the three young guys LT highlighted:
Getzlaff +8
Penner +7
Perry +3
I'm the first one to dispute plus/minus as a complete stat, but I'm wondering why Perry rates so highly (for some) in comparison to Penner?
- the obvious difference between Lupul and Penner is that Penner is strong on the puck. In other words, he's a much better fit for MacTavish. Besides, pointing to Lupul as a reason this offer sheet is bad is akin to throwing cold water on Mr. Katz simply because Charles Wang is a nutjob.

If the Ducks don't match, the Oilers have an big NHL winger with clear upside (and a decent set of hands). He may fit Lowetide's Coke machine mould like a few Oiler drafts in the past. Big difference is, it looks like the kid can score.

If the Ducks do match, KLowe has monkeyed with Ducks options next summer.

I believe that Burke will match--he may not like it, but I can't imagine Burke being the first GM to lose out on an RFA. Without Niedermayer on the books, the Ducks have plenty of room...this year. Course the cap will likely go up, and they'll have room next summer too.

Point is, this move forces the Ducks to make a move. One way or the other. Sure there's some risk, but why should other GMs just sit back and let Burke pick off UFAs without consequence? I for one like the fact Lowe is in the game, trying to improve the team rather than sitting on his hands.

Anonymous said...

Burke is going to get mad! So? What's he going to do about it? Make a bunch of juvenile threats at a press conference?


Take Penner, then flip Raffi+? for the elusive first line LW we so desperately need. Penner takes Raffi's spot on the 2nd line.

Everybody wins!

-Jan Itor

Irina said...

No one is to take Raffi. He is not worth first liner. And he has too big of contract. Also, will you Edmonton fans be angry if other team signs your rfa?

Jordi said...


Oh wait, this isn't a joke?

Anonymous said...

In Soviet Russia, Raffi takes you!


mike w said...

I can't believe you guys are ignoring the bigger story here: Mike Comrie has a girlfriend!

Darien said...

Is it even possible to impeach a GM like this?

I don't know what I want. DP could deliver on a good line, or he could be Lowe's newest Acme chemistry set.

So far the consensus around the league is that everyone hates KLowe (coming to Global this fall!)

garnet said...

I throw it out to the floor: does this offer mean that a Brad Richard type trade won't happen if we get Penner? Or does it mean that avenue has been explored, found to be a cul-de-sac, and no such trade will happen in any event? It was such a hardy rumour.

garnet said...

Ahem, that's Brad Richards, with an 's', I was talking about. G'night everybody!

Pleasure Motors said...

Yeah, I was sort of hoping the next big event would be the insane, blockbuster, Pronger-esque trade that no one actually would have predicted but makes us immediately, obviously better. Instead, we get an RFA deal that makes me pray that the ridiculous, self-defeating code that makes teams always match an offer, no matter how outrageous, will still apply. I think every GM in the league should be offering contracts to RFAs, but I'm actually a bit worried about this one.

The idea that Lowe is somehow ruining the league by doing this is ridiculous: he's doing what he thinks he should to win. What's scary is that, what he thinks he should be doing to win might end up ruining the Oilers. Or maybe it's the right move. I wish I had the confidence of Flames fans.

Jordi said...

Mike Comrie doesn't have a girlfriend, he has a cardboard cutout.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as somebody who's had a girlfriend cheat on him with Mike Comrie back in the Oiler days, I hope Joel Madden has crabs.