Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rourke me like a hurricane

The Oilers pulled off a minor trade today with our old pals in New York, sending our second-round pick in 2008 to the Islanders in exchange for their 2008 third-round pick and defenceman Allan Rourke.

So who is this illustrious Mr. Rourke, you ask? Well OBVIOUSLY you're no great fan of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, but I think this transaction history on his TSN player page paints a fairly clear picture of his value:

Long answer: A career AHLer/warm body who will help the Oilers not call up Sebastien Bisaillon again this season. Short answer: Nobody in particular.

Of course, he'll probably be our fifth defenceman this year.


Black Dog said...

Or maybe he'll take Lowe and Pendergast to Fantasy Island.

Anonymous said...

Might this have been to get their 3rd round pick back so that they could make offers to RFAs of up to $3.5 million? It would make more sense than building experience in Springfield.

Lowetide said...

I heard the Oilers didn't have enough roster players for a special edition of MAKING THE CUT in which Oilers roster players try to earn a tryout with an NHL team.

Thankfully Rourke puts them over the top.

Darien said...

I move the CinO road hockey team is instituted in place of the oilers.

...What? How bad could it be?

Anonymous said...

Lowe's doing a really good job of getting us off track, forgetting about the real problem with the Oilers:


jon said...

How is it possible for anonymous to simultaneously be the source of such pain and joy?

nathan said...

Jan Hejda has signed with Columbus.
I thought he was worth keeping around...he didn't have much of a chance to prove himself last season. Thoughts?

Chris! said...

Nathan, yeah, I saw that a couple days ago. I think it's likely that we tried to sign him, but he just wanted to play somewhere else. And considering how unreasonably hesitant we were to insert him into the lineup, I can't say I blame him.

Or maybe we let him walk. I mean, why not?

Anonymous said...

Well, it didn't take long for the Oilers to sign THOMAS VANEK to an offer sheet with 10 million being paid out the first year, or at least, so says the Globe and Mail.