Friday, August 3, 2007

Next drill: Three hours of blocking the puck with your mouth

Looks like the Oilers are giving Bucky his big break: From the Journal site:

The Edmonton Oilers have named Kelly Buchberger as head coach of their American Hockey League affiliate, the Springfield Falcons.

Buchberger replaces Geoff Ward, who resigned his post as head coach of the Falcons to accept the role of an assistant coach with the Boston Bruins on August 1st.

This will be the first head coaching position for Buchberger, a veteran of 18 National Hockey League seasons, including 13 seasons with the Oilers.
Can't imagine he'll have a lot of patience for Rob Schremp's puck shenanigans.

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mike w said...

Good ol' scab lips. Good Oiler, but can he coach?

Paul said...

Another one of the boys on the bus gets a job. Not that it should surprise anyone.

Lord Bob said...

To be fair, Bucky has a few years coaching prospects in the organisation under his belt and hasn't exactly burst in from nowhere. Also to be fair, the Oilers clearly had every intention of rolling with Ward until he very sensibly took his own big break.

There have been more heinous patronage posts (Kevin Lowe straight to the bench comes to mind).

Steve said...

I nominate this for the best-titled post in the Oilogosphere.

(Until a bunch of people remind me of equally well-titled posts from the past, because the Oilogosphere is like that. But still, great title.)

And somehow, nothing about this reeks of patronage to me. I'm not saying that it shouldn't, but suggesting that Kelly Buchberger has ever gotten anything without paying his dues just seems outlandish to me. The kind of dues he paid aren't necessarily applicable to prospect development, but man has he paid dues.

Anonymous said...

I saw Stortini fight last year quite a bit and I think that if young Zach is in Springield, Bucky will be more than a coach - he's like a soulmate.

MikeP said...

Blocking the puck with your mouth, or your opponent's fists?

"No no, if you stop his fist with your face instead of tying him up, you'll have TWO hands to hit him with, that's GOOD!"

Ah, poor Bucky.

Rock Deputy said...

Another one of the boys on the bus gets a job. Not that it should surprise anyone.

Don't worry... the cycle will end in 2050, when 90 year old Oilers Head Coach, Mike Krushelnyski, drops dead in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals against the Pasadena Parrots...

majeau13 said...

Lesson 2;

"Taking Em' Wide"

Anonymous said...

no no,
lesson 2: how to fake speaking in czech

Randy in the med hizzo said...

Sorry, coming in late, but I totally called the Buchberger job and also, why am I not impressed that the Oilers just picked up the third best player on a great young line. Wouldn't you rather have Corey Perry? You could have, if Kevin Lowe hadn't demanded that Comrie genuflect on his way out of town. Oh, well. Woywitka was worth it.