Saturday, September 15, 2007

BFF in the mile-high city

With intense physicals and endless drills, training camp is always a rough time of year for hockey players, so much so that even elite players like Ryan Smyth and Joe Sackic can end up looking like hobos with serious Lysol addictions. But never mind that, apparently the two new linemates for the Colorado Avalanche are fast friends, with Sakic acting as Smyth's "chaperone," giving the mulleted one the city tour along with daily rides to camp.

Meanwhile, the web boards are all a-bluster about Ryan Smyth's new turncoat allegiance with the Avs, and his supposed anti-Oilers comment: “Well, hopefully, I can be an Oiler killer.”

Anyone bored enough to watch the tape from that interview — I work a 12-hour shift on Saturdays — will see that Smyth was clearly making a joke, but it's funny to see what kind of ridiculous vitriol this inspires from some Oilers fans (my personal HF Board favourite: "He could have dated my sister and dumped her for her best friend and I wouldn't hate him any more than I do now.")

Ever since that horrible trade, some Oilers fans have tripping over themselves to diminish Smyth's decade-plus contributions for the team, spinning the story as one of yet another player's "greed," as if batting away nagging, subconscious doubts about upper management's stated rationale for the deadline deal.

There's even been chatter about booing Smyth when he comes back to Rexall on October 23, which, upon reflection, makes me want to fly home and punch my hometown in the face.

Hopefully, this dink contingent is a minority restricted to web boards and call-in shows and real, sentient Edmontonians will give Smyth the polite ovation that he deserves upon returning in October. Then as Oilers luck will have it, he'll promptly score 7 straight goals and knock Dwayne Roloson out for the season, sending our season into a tailspin, forcing me to drive my head through the TV screen.


walkinvisible said...

which, upon reflection, makes me want to fly home and punch my hometown in the face.
well put... hilarious... flames fan or not, i have to admit i feel for you, man.

Andy Grabia said...

Was Sacamano on the boards?

mike w said...

That dastardly Sacamano, he's a bur in everyone's saddle...

therealdeal said...

Honestly the shit people have been saying about Smytty sickens me, especially when it's obvious his situation can be chalked up to years of bad management decisions.

Anonymous said...

Both sides f*cked it up huge. Whatever. It's over - time to move on.
Smytty looks like he's squeezing one out and Burnaby Joe looks geriatric.

Shin pad tap to the Mullet - it was a fun ride. Time to cheer the Jolly Green Giant and Samwise.


Anonymous said...

Hey, love your blog, but don't use the 'r' word.

It disrespects Joey Moss.

Just dig out the thesaurus and use something else.

Pat said...

Good post, I totally agree. I'm beginning to fear, however, that it's NOT a minority of Oil fans that are so quick to construct a villainous version of Smyth.

mike w said...

It's over - time to move on.

No, it is not.

Anonymous said...

How about "mental defective fans"

Kirsten said...

I find it funny that Smyth uses words like "legit". If Oilers were fairly tame compared to expectations towards Pronger, I doubt they'll do anything THAT horrible to Smyth.

Dave W said...

Great pic. Give Sakic a dirty mustache, and you've got Terry and Deaner from Fubar.

HBomb said...

Fuck Lowe.

A smart GM would have retained Smyth, still done the Pitkanen deal, and then targeted Scott Hannan in the UFA market (ultimately to replace Smyth).

Kevin Lowe trades off Smyth for futures (none of whom will ever come close to Smyth's level of production), signs Souray after bringing in Tarnstrom, Grebeshkov AND Pitkanen, and then goes and signs Penner to an RFA offer sheet, where there is EVERY possibility that Anaheim will ultimately end up with the best player overall when they have the Oilers top-ten draft pick in the deep 2008 Entry Draft.

And now inviting Anson Carter to camp when the type of player you REALLY need is Mike Johnson?

Sweet fucking Christ, do these guys WANT to look like idiots? I hope Smyth does just that and makes them look stupid....I want him to pot 4 goals on October 23rd and team up with Joe Sakic to stick it to the Oilers over and over for the next five years.

Lowe deserves it for the way he low-balled 94. This is 90% on him, as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Smyth was crap in game 7 of the 2006 finals. Sorry loser Oil fans, but the "best Oiler since ..." was clearly a secondary player.

I'm seriously glad to lose his greedy ass...let him enjoy the mile high city, while the Oilers move on with a fairly decent young team.

Fuck that mullet.

Jeff J said...

At first I thought that guy next to Smyth was Martin Short.

Vic Ferrari said...

Wow, that HF board thread is nuts. That thread is full of shrieking monkeys, Mike, but Edmonton isn't.

There is a similar thread on the OilFans board that doesn't seem to have generated any fan rage at all.

David S said...

"And now inviting Anson Carter to camp when the type of player you REALLY need is Mike Johnson?"

With all due respect, there are some people out there that still think we're on the same playing field as every other team when it comes to acquiring talent. Just because we might need Johnson doesn't mean we have a realistic shot at getting him. What we really need is decent, hungry NHL experienced players who want to play here.

I have to believe that Lowe and the Oilers management will be alot more careful in the future letting the public know who they've been talking to after the events of the past year or so. For all we know, Johnson was approached and said "no freaking way in hell!".

But please, lets give up this "we should get this guy" fantasy shall we? Sometimes you gotta play the cards you're dealt. Besides, I'd rather have a veteran NHL'er who's ready to bust his chops to make the team and wants to be here.