Wednesday, September 12, 2007

From the shadows of the CN Tower

Living in Toronto, one can't help but hear Leafs-related water cooler chatter, which, aside from solemn lamentations about how Andrew ".894 SVP" Raycroft should have his dink chopped off, often include some interesting bits even for an Oilers fan:

Introducing the Leafs new practice jersey, for the same price as a regular jersey. Even under the guise of a league-wide makeover, it's hard to get away with changing an Original Six jersey, so the Leafs went with "less is more," and removed the horizontal stripes along the waist, which, according to the laws of fashion, make players' butts look big. Meh: could be worse.

And something else caught my attention: former Oilers defenceman Bryan Muir is at the Maple Leafs training camp on a try-out basis. I know that this is hardly news, but watching "Oilers Week" on the NHL Network has made me nostalgic for the Oilers' recent past. Muir was part of the rookie-laden 1996-97 Oilers team that upset Dallas in the first round before finally folding against the Colorado Avalanche in 5 games. Muir might be best remembered in that series for knocking out Petr Forsberg when Foppa tried to cut inside on a rush, but from watching old highlights from those games I see that he wasn't that bad of a defenceman either, at least not as a rookie, especially when compared to other defenceman on the team, like, say, Drew Bannister, who seemed to be in on every bad goal along with an over-extended Boris Mironov. I kind of forgot about Muir after he left the Oilers, but it looks like he's carved out a pretty good career in the NHL (playing last year for the Capitals), which is more than you can say about Joe Hulbig.

The final tidbit: I'm not sure if Alberta gets Leafs TV, or how blackout restrictions might apply, but if you're hard up to see a pre-season game on TV, the Leafs/Edmonton matchup will be televised September 18, at 7:oo pm Mountain. Time to dust off the old puckhat!


Black Dog said...

I went to school with Bryan Muir's older brother, Kevin, and played a little shinny with him "back in the day". A good guy and a frightening example of what real hockey talent is compared to your regular hacker. He was 17 at the time and just getting ready to go to university.

He has put together a decent career and would have been a good guy to pair with Greene last year or, say, Gilbert this year. Solid, can move the puck when need be.

Andy Grabia said...

God, why can't they just leave these jerseys alone?

Chris said...

Is that a McDonald's Logo?

David S said...

Global just released first pics of the new tapered Oilers jersey today at noon. Those of you who get sick at the sight of piping better stock up on Pepto. Man, are they looking gay.