Monday, September 17, 2007

Ladies & Gentlemen, shall we perhaps get ready to rumble?

7:00 PM Mountain
At Rexall Place
Radio: 630 CHED

Anyone who hasn't checked in lately, the perpetual blog post machine, aka Lowetide, has a great recap of yesterday's Joey Moss Cup.

Ales Hemsky and Sam Gagner were standouts in Team Blue's 9-4 rout, although I'm more interested to see how Gagner performs against legitimate competition in pre-season (not much hitting in yesterday's game, and the goalies didn't look all that sharp, either). I have no idea what the lines will be, but there's plenty of players to keep an eye on, including Nilsson, Schremp, Grebeshkov, Gilbert... well, the list as long as the Oilers were bad last year.

Unfortunately, NHL Centre Ice's free streaming pre-season game previews don't include this match-up, but that won't stop me from pouring myself a hot toddy, throwing on a silk robe and getting re-acquainted with an old friend named Rod Phillips.


Loxy said...

Despite being terrified by the on-ice product we'll see this year..

I'm psyched.

Lowetide's review has got me psyched.

Chris! said...

I also am totally psyched.

sacamano said...

I'm giving this one my big Rick Flair Whooooooooooo!

I think I'm ready for the season.

Question: what is the worst possible outcome of being this excited this early in the season? General feelings of malaise? Addiction to painkillers? Murder-suicide 6 weeks down the road?

Lord Bob said...

Question: what is the worst possible outcome of being this excited this early in the season? General feelings of malaise? Addiction to painkillers? Murder-suicide 6 weeks down the road?

Becoming a Falmes fan out of bitterness and desperation.

Scarlett said...

Sac, I'll vote murder-suicide if you promise to take Greene with you!

Totally psyched for tonight!!!

Daniel said...

Distinguished friends, if I may? Drop the f*cking puck.

Black Dog said...

Les Oil gagnent! Gagnez? Gagnons!

Oh, to dream.

mike w said...

[Mike settles into his couch; 630 CHED streams on his computer]

...Ah, Morley Scott, it's been awhile. How's Bryan Hall? Is he still shilling Tony Roma's ribs?

mike w said...

Ethan Moreau! You wizard!

gary b said...

man, gotta love NHL pre-season summaries (courtesy Yahoo sports):

Edmonton 0:42, Steve Staios 1
(Marty Reasoner, Glenn Fisher)
Edmonton 4:42, Jonas Almtorp 1
(Marty Reasoner, Steve Staios)
Edmonton 7:24, Jonas Almtorp 2
(Marty Reasoner, Glenn Fisher)

Edmonton hooking - 2 min, 11:14,
A. Hemsky served by G. Fisher

Edmonton high sticking - 2 min, 13:34, D. Tarnstrom served by G. Fisher

Edmonton cross check - 2 min 15:26, S. Souray served by G. Fisher

Chris! said...


Who needs second-line scoring when we've got the power duo of Marty Reasoner and Jonas Almtorp?

Also, Glenn Fisher is having a fucking awesome night.

mike w said...

I noticed that weirdness.

It's definitely pre-season: Rod Phillips has already come up with about 13 varied pronunciations of the word "Bouwmeester," which is pretty rusty, even for him.

And based on one period of play, Kyle Brodziak is going TO WIN US THE STANLEY CUP!!!

sacamano said...

I love Marty. I've always loved Marty. I'd forgotten that Marty was still (back?) on the team. I'm sorry Marty.

Chris! said...

Ten seconds? Did Brett McLean pick it up and throw it into the net from the faceoff circle?

Black Dog said...

Kyle Brodziak!

Good for him. I like him. He's no Glenn Fisher but then again who is?

I actually feel kind of bad because this may actually be the high point of this season - right fucking now.

Oh well, may as well enjoy it.

And, Mike, Chris!, sac, MC - my inlaws are in town so I can actually get out for pints. What say you? Let the emails fly?

Black Dog said...

Yep, high point.

Chris! said...

BD: I'm down for pints, as always. Let's work this out over the e-hyphen-mail.

According to Yahoo's box score, Tom Gilbert is leading all Oilers with 71572:15 TOI.

Can we really afford to let a guy who can FOLD FUCKING TIME languish in the AHL this year?

Black Dog said...

I digress now but has anyone seen pics from the Oilers' website - holy smokes! Stoll, Moreau, Staios, Torres - these guys are frigging lean - especially Stoll and Torres.

I've read about their training but they look to be in terrific shape - I barely recognized Stoll.

Black Dog said...

We could have used Gilbert on June 19th, 2006 - we might have had a little Fermata action.

Without the sex.

But with a Cup.

mike w said...

Yeah, Stoll looked like he ate nothing but brown rice and bench-pressed Rachel Hunter all summer.

As for the game, the Oilers haven't been playing very well in this game. It's all the first 5 minutes and then Dwayne Roloson.

Black Dog said...

So like the beginning of last year then.

mike w said...

Sam Gagner is, in sports cliche parlance, pressing the issue.

Loxy said...

I love Marty. I've always loved Marty. I'd forgotten that Marty was still (back?) on the team. I'm sorry Marty.

Nobody loves Marty like I loves the Marty.

I play boggle with his cousin on facebook.

Black Dog said...

No shit - its early, real early, but can they send him down if he keeps it up?

That's a big big if but what if he does?

Doesn't hurt that he's playing with a couple of guys who look like pretty good players. I like the summary - Penner outmuscled his opponent - no shit - guy is bigger then a Clydesdale.

Black Dog said...

Marty is hilarious - in my books, that makes him a good guy. I hope he bounces back this year.

Loxy said...

So.. what's the chance that Hot Rodziak makes the team?

mike w said...

I haven't been listening closely enough to know if Brodziak is playing on the wing.

If he is, and he can play like this, he's got a pretty good shot.

Gotta like a winner of a WHL "hardest working player" award from his team.

Rod said...

As already mentioned, the stats for this game are completely out of whack. Everything on the NHL site is borked. TOI, player numbers (unless of course Horcoff and a number of other players have switched jersey numbers). On the box score I think the jersey # involved is correct...and sometimes the name is right. Guess those sleek new jersey's have confused the timekeepers @ Rexall. Yesterday at the Joey Moss Cup, they actually had to ask the timekeeper to put his headphones on...over the PA.

Brodziak with a great night numbers wise. Probably chewed up some easier competition while Penner-Hemsky-Gagner were probably up against Bouwmeester tonight. Still, it's encouraging, and should help keep Carter off the roster (phew). If nothing else, the Brodziak three-point night reminds us to keep Gagner's early numbers in perspective. The kid did score again tonight though!

Chris! said...


That's the way we scrape by.

mike w said...

Brodziak with a last-minute shot block, gotta like that.

The names I kept hearing tonight were Gilbert, Pitkanen, Gagner, Reasoner, Thoresen, Moreau and of course, Brodziak.

Did Nilsson play? Doesn't feel like it.

Rod said...

You're right, gotta like that, but it was Almtorp...check play 278 :-) TSN ticker had the bad stats too (Almtorp 2G, 1A). Too funny.

Nice game by Brodziak in any case.

From the line combos listed in the Oiler recap Nilsson did not play tonight:



Guess that means Almtorp didn't play after all. ;-)

Lord Bob said...

Holy God Brodziak was good. I thought he was odds-on to make the team as soon as Pisani went down, but now there's no way that kid is even blinking at Springfield come September 1.

Seriously. For a guy with no hands who can't skate a lick, he gets stuff done out there. Can't ask much more from a four-liner.