Tuesday, September 18, 2007

'That's the closest you'll get to a perfect game'

That quote is courtesy Craig MacTavish on Kyle Brodziak's ridiculous performance in last night's 5-4 pre-season win over the Florida Panthers. Brodziak skated on the right side of a line featuring Marty Reasoner and Ethan Moreau and he had a dominant night, scoring twice in the first period and setting up Tim Sestito's short-handed winner. As MacT pointed out in a post-game interview, the Moreau-Reasoner-Brodziak line was the best on the ice for either team last night, going 3-for-3 on their first three shifts and never looking back.

Sam Gagner's strong play between Penner and Hemsky may be the grabbier story, but MacT sounds uncharacteristically blown away by Brodziak, selected 214th overall by the Oilers in 2003. From today's story in the Sun:

"That's the closest you'll get to a perfect game," said head coach Craig MacTavish. "He wasn't in the wrong position all night.

"Made great plays with the puck, scored two goals, had a beautiful shorthanded assist, big block at the end. There's nothing he didn't do tonight."

And this wasn't out of the blue. He's been on his game all camp.

"He looks faster and stronger and maybe the most important difference for him is mentally he's ready to stay," said MacTavish.

"And it looks like he's made the decision that he's staying. That was a hell of a game."

Oilers home page has a few post-game MP3s up, including a chat with Brodziak and the scrum with MacT from which the above quotes came. (I love the female reporter who shows up late around the 2:05 point and asks MacT to rehash his comments. Punctuality is important, people. Anyone recognize the voice? I'm not up on my Edmonton media personalities.)

And Lowetide, of course, has a great post up on last night's game here.

Next up: the Leafs visit Edmonton, tonight at 7 p.m. MT. I'll be tuning in on CHED again, though I admit NHL Centre Ice's online package is sounding like a pretty good deal right about now. Did anyone watch last night's game on this? Interested to hear about the quality of broadcast, etc.


Anonymous said...

I signed up for the online broadcast last night, but the game wasn't being carried. Tonight's game against the Leafs IS supposed to be available online.

mike w said...

I already plunked down 2 dollars and some change for LEAFS TV. I didn't realize that this was being streamed, but I guess I get a better quality broadcast.

Not a bad option for an Oil fan in Toronto.


Anonymous said...

I heard somewhere that all of the Canadian teams, except for the leafs, will be blacked out on the CI Online preview. Makes sense because the Ducks/Nucks game was blacked out last night, and I live in Nevada so it definitey wasn't a regional thing.

Gret99zky said...

I watched some of the Ducks/Nucks game on CI online last night. It was not blacked out in Edmonton. The Islanders game was blacked out though.

--Chris said...

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