Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Smid, Stortini assigned to Springfield

Nothing on the Oilers website yet, but TSN is reporting that Edmonton has finalized their opening night roster today and both Ladislav Smid and Zach Stortini failed to make the cut.

I believe that leaves us with an opening night lineup that looks more or less like this:


Sanderson, Jacques, Spurgeon



That Matt Greene beat out Smid for a opening night spot is absolutely cracked, but it's more a testament to our desperate need for size and toughness on the blueline than Smid's deficiencies as a player. Like Lowetide, I'm praying this is a showcase to move Greene out of town. Size we need, sure. But we also need defencemen who, know, play good defence. Smid brings the latter — at least comparatively speaking — and hopefully we'll see him back topside soon enough.

Good on Gilbert for making the team despite the logjam and a easily-demotable two-way contract.

Otherwise, nothing wrong with sending Stortini down, at least at first so Jacques has a chance to prove his worth. Also, I can't really see Sanderson starting in the press box or staying too long if he does, so maybe he'll draw in for Pouliot if he falters or wait for Gagner to get sent back to the OHL.

And am I right? Has Tyler Spurgeon really weathered the storm and avoided the cut? If so, shocking.


Gnash said...

Does anyone else feel like TSN is rubbing our noses in it?

Smid, who was drafted ninth overall in the 2004 Entry Draft, was acquired from the Anaheim Ducks last summer in the Chris Pronger trade.
Joffrey Lupul, the other player obtained by the Oilers in the Pronger deal has since been traded to the Philadelphia Flyers.

Chris! said...

Yes, there is definitely a clear "Pronger returns a bust" flavour to this news bite.

mike w said...

Spurgeon and Roy are hurt and haven't been sent down for some reason, but they will be.

Was kind of surprised by Smid's demotion, but upon reflection he's still pretty young and not as good of an option right now as Tom Gilbert.

allan said...

The final roster is up on the Oilers' site.

Roy and Spurgeon on IR. Thoresen to Springfield, but apparently not waived.

Chris O said...

I was surprised to see Smid get shipped, I thought he looked good in the two meaningless games I saw him play in.

Is Roy's being on the IR a roster filler thing (ie, Jack Haley's notorious "stretched hamstring" with the Chicago Bulls), or is it Rypien related?

Coluch said...
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Coluch said...

I would just like to say that I'm not sure which I hate more: Klowe or the RBK Edge Jerseys.

Ok it's the jerseys, but only because I know that Lowe is going down anyway.

I like the cut of that Brian Burke's jib.

therealdeal said...

My guess is at least 1 of the kids gets sent down after 9 games and Stortini gets a sniff at the bigs again.

David S said...

I still think somebody is being showcased for an impending trade. Anybody care to take a guess as to who that might be?

Stortini is still rough around the edges, but we desperately need the toughness to protect our small, skilled guys. I gotta believe he'll be back in say...9 games?

Steve said...

Off-topic, but did anybody else see the Metro article in which they listed six rookies ready to make an immediate impact in the NHL? Number two was Rob Schremp.

That would be today's Metro.

Chris! said...

"Number two was Rob Schremp."

Ha! Was this courtesy of Marty York, by chance?

Steve said...

I'm actually not sure. It wasn't in his column, and I didn't check the byline.