Saturday, October 6, 2007

Some thoughts from my mind grapes

Listen, I thought last Thursday's game was great: lots of young players skating around, scoring goals and the like. Who knows? Maybe the Oilers won't be half-bad this year. Then again, it was one game. Do you think EIG could of held off on a multi-year extension for GM Kevin Lowe for more than one game following the worst year in Edmonton Oilers history?

Ah well, it's a thing that's been in the works for awhile now, neatly rolled out to rebuff Brian Burke's overblown tirade on TSN. I've always liked K-dog (that's what we bloggers call Lowe now -- try to keep up) , he's likeable, articulate, and has actually made some good trades during his tenure. Additionally, having a Stanley Cup Finalist under his belt should definitely buy the guy some slack.

Then again, anytime your favourite team's GM runs a team into the ground, you would like to think that warrants putting the guy on a short leash. Not so with the Oilers. Unless the Oilers end the year with negative points in the standings, Kevin Lowe is here to stay for a long while (four years to be exact).
Half-assed gameday thread to follow shortly...


McLea said...

This strikes me as being a pretty mild response considering the Oilogophere was ready to march Lowe to the guillotine this summer. The Oiler blogs spend half the year complaining about how incompetent Lowe is, but when he gets a four year extention it's met with a collective shrug. Huh?

Go Bipoilers.

mike w said...

My stance has always been that Lowe should get one more year to turn this team around.

Of course, now that they'll likely never fire him anyway, I guess it doesn't matter.

Chris! said...

Yeah, sorry to disappoint you, McLea. I know you were looking forward to gleefully stoking the embers of our sorrow with your incisive observations and stinging wit and all. Feel free to stomp off in a huff like usual now, and see you after the next Oilers loss.