Saturday, October 13, 2007

Um, so what happened? ... and Schremp's return


After a night on the town I come home to clips of Brendan Morrison skating circles around the Oilers, Mathieu Garon getting chased from his net, Dwayne Roloson looking worse, and those ass clown Sedin twins never looking more smug and malformed as the Canucks breezed on towards their 7th-straight victory over Edmonton.

Without having seen the game (a good a night as any to have Rogers PVR frizzle out and somehow only tape 3 minutes of the match-up) the story seems to be that Roberto Luongo, Mike Keenan's special gift to the Canucks organization, was great and the Oilers' goaltending tandem was not. If anyone would care to fill in the blanks and add some colour to the rough outlines of last night's loss, be my guest.

And faster than hitting "play" on a Big Shiny Tunes CD in the team ghettoblaster, Robert Nilsson (along with JF Jacques) was sent down to the minors, presumably before he had even finished toweling off. It's a bold statement for MacT to send Nilsson down, as Number 12 certainly hasn't been the worst Oiler on the ice. But with only one point in five games, he's become less visible with almost every game since the middle of training camp, and I assume last night was not a solid two-way performance. Plus, losing is bad. Losing shouldn't be comfortable or inconsequential, and it suits this young team to have a sense of accountability, even if it's less fair to the more expendable and easily demoted ranks of the Oilers roster.

Anyway, Nilsson will be back, and Robbie Schremp is in for now (rumours of his NHL death have been greatly exaggerated), buoyed by 5 points in 4 games with the team's AHL affiliate, the Springfield Falcons. This sounds like a short-term gambit by MacT to get some quick hands on the powerplay, which is 29th in the league as I'm sure he's well aware.

It's also nice to see Zack Stortini will also get the call-up, even if he doesn't seem like NHL material and is a painful reminder of last season's last-half futility. The lug also has 5 point in 4 games, with 21 PIM to boot. Enjoy the spiffy amenities, Zack! There's some catered snacks in the player's lounge fridge. Just don't touch Shawn Horcoff's whey powder.


another mike w said...

you're right about Nilsson, he has faded badly. last night he was almost invisible, maybe 7 shifts had something to do with that impression.

but I've got to rave a bit about Penner. I've seen 4 of the 5 games (2 in person) and he's a very smart and, I think, a complete player. always using his body to shield, good with a deft pass or a misdirection play, goes to the net and behind it as well. he's faster than you'd think, too.

he and the rest of this team need to get a bit meaner though -- e.g. no hit on Hemsky should go without a message being sent right after. we need a bit more toughness and Stortini's willingness to get things going will be a difference tonight.

prediction: Oilers win 4-3, Raffi with 2 (who else vs the Canucks?)

Darien said...

What's the message getting through to the guys who get shunted up and down from the AHL? I don't know if selfish play is a big factor, but I think this constant roster juggling will have people looking out for their own stats as opposed to what's best for the team...

mike w said...

MacTavish isn't blind, and his aversion to one-dimensional players is well-known, so I think padded stats are that much of a factor.

Andy Grabia said...

There's no way that game should hang on just the goalies. Souray went for the big hit, missed, and put himself way out of position. Goal. Bad line change and a shorthanded breakaway. Goal. End to end rush through two forwards and around the defencemen. Goal. It was a brutal display. The goalies didn't help, but we just looked awful in our own end last night.

Of note, Gagner and Raffi played great games. If it wasn't for Luongo, that game is probably still in play for us. I'm pretty sure Hemsky was benched again, but I'd have to look to verify. I don't remember seeing Nilsson once last night, and Cogliano didn't get a ton of ice, either.

sacamano said...

Remind me again why I moved to Ontario?

I just drove 50km to the nearest booze store, only to find it closed. On a Saturday night. At 7:00pm. With the Oil coming up on HNIC.

I miss Tops Booze 'n' Porn on Whyte Ave.

mike w said...

I hear ya.

Tops also had classy porn. I remember picking up a vintage copy of Oui magazine that had an interview with Groucho Marx in it.

PS: In Ontario, the trick is leave caches of beer around the house, much like a raven or a squirrel.

Anonymous said...

Um... where do you live sacamano? Because it isn't Toronto..

matt said...

Ah, but if you didn't have socialized liquor, you:

a) wouldn't get the expert service that only public employees can provide - the 19 yr old lug paid $2/hr less who would doubtless replace the present LCBO epicurean ambassadors would be abominations;

b) said 19 yr old lug would also eagerly sell booze to your 15 yr old daughter and then impregnate her in her virgin stupor, likely giving her AIDS at the same time - only public servants can be trusted not to give your daughter an AIDS baby;

c) would deprive Ontario of a valuable revenue stream. The government would then have to find a different sin tax, likely on baby formula instead - you don't want to kill babies, do you? (note that the fact that Alberta's liquor store privatization scheme was ultimately revenue neutral is the result of black magic).