Monday, October 8, 2007

Who likes dark meat?

Oilers at Wings
5:38pm Mountain
Sportsnet, CHED

I am sure there is something either witty or insightful (or both!) to be said about the fact we are playing the Detroit Red Wings, but right now I am drowning in the Sea of Three Thanksgiving Dinners, so a half-assed Photoshop job will have to do. I will see you guys when I get to the other side of the Straights of Starchy Vegetables.



another mike w said...

might be a long night. roli looked weak on both 1st period goals. nice horcoff goal though.

another detroit pp, another goal... 3-1 now.

Darien said...

A-las, not a win or OT loss.

Devin said...

Gurkey, indeed.

garnet said...

Just as well we lose the first one this way.

mike w said...

Just watched the game.

Hard to beat a team as tight as the Red Wings were tonight. Still wish we had a slugger for games like this.

Anyway, not a bad game for the Oil, just came up short.


David S said...

Despite the outcome, I have to say that there was cause to be hopeful. Mike's right. Every time the cameras panned the Detroit bench, it was pretty obvious how far good management, decent budget and a dedication to winning can take you.

Still, the Oilers are wicked fast with tons of potential. This experiment will either go down the shitter by Christmas, or we're in for something special.

50/50 right now. I'll take those odds.

mike w said...

By the way PM, that game day pic is ridiculous.

Pleasure Motors said...

By the way PM, that game day pic is ridiculous.

It was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of "Wings."

Also, Joni Pitkanen is well on his way to finally replacing Janne Niinimaa in my heart, I think.

Anonymous said...

Raffi had his birthday yesterday; I wonder if he was playing with a hangover.

Sean said...

I thought the Oilers looked good - certainly not like a team that's going to finish in the bottom 5 in the league. Grebeshkov looked solid making the first pass out of the zone I have to say. I'll take two wins, then a loss all year long.