Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Game day hand-wringing

Is Craig MacTavish really a bad coach? We’ve all heard about the dreadful powerplay, the undue man-love for role players, the ever-scrambled lines, and how younger prospects barely get any minutes to prove themselves, but seriously: have a good look at this team’s lineup in the last two weeks. It’s poo.

In the first two games of the season the team was passable, even exciting to watch, but it’s hard to expect much from a lineup as young and maligned as this one has been lately. Don’t get me wrong, this team is currently playing out Kevin Lowe’s mistakes. But I’m not quite throwing in the towel yet. At least not until, oh I don’t know, another five straight losses. And I guess this includes Craig MacTavish.

The coach may share some of the blame for almost a decade of mediocrity (save for a miraculous Stanley Cup drive), but when I look back to all of those teams I don’t see a lot of top flight talent. There’s Mike Comrie as a first line centre. Eric Brewer and Janne Niinima as number one D-men. And of course then there’s Tommy Salo, who after a couple of solid years between the pipes later cracked like a Tennessee Williams' heroine. So yeah: not so great.

Apparently the head coach tore up the collective team’s ass yesterday at practice. While I don’t tend to buy into the rah-rah stuff (part of the reason I like MacT), how this team responds tonight will be a measure of the skipper’s ability to inspire his team. I’m not expecting a win, but a solid effort in which they don’t take 7 penalties in the opening 30 seconds would be nice.


Anonymous said...

Golorado. Gsmytty.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. What a shooting gallery.

Black Dog said...

I would describe this game as "wacky" so far. Hemsky 1 on 3 slow mo goal. On the PP no less.

Five goals in seven games - not bag.

Scarlett said...

Oh my god, the Oilers scored a powerplay goal. Did I really see that?

Oh and best line of the year goes to Mike:

Tommy Salo, who after a couple of solid years between the pipes later cracked like a Tennessee Williams' heroine!!

Anonymous said...

So Far: Not Bag, Not Bag At All.

Andy Grabia said...

So Far: Not Bag, Not Bag At All.

I'm so stealing this.

Did anyone else notice Smytty was wearing the poppy on his suit? Notice who wasn't? Joe Sakic. Now we know who hates Canada and its veterans.

mike w said...

Horcoff has been robbed three times. What a great player tonight.

Andy Grabia said...

What a great player tonight.

Best. Backhanded. Compliment. Ever.

Glenn Healy is a quickly rising star in the pantheon of shitty colour guys, joining the likes of Joe Morgan, Tim McCarver, and Harry Neale.

Anonymous said...

Colorado walks out with the win. Are we surprised? I am. The oil played surprisingly ok.

Anonymous said...

Tonight (speakingof bag) was kinda like a pretty cool party, gets a little out of hand and then, Torres, while everyone is watching, gets caught trying to T-Bag Laperriere, who wakes up at the last minute and flicks him in the berry. Totally!

Jamie said...

After Monday's "Minny, winny" I thought about posting an ode to former Edm radio bumpkin (now of Ottawa) Cub Carson among these comments. After hearing the results of this game, I was almost glad to yell "kiss your sister"... except for the fact the NHL has done away with the tie.
In honour of Anomymous' post at 10:39pm, an overtime loss shall now be know as "Flicked in the berries!"
I think Cub would have liked it that way.

Jamie said...

I meant to write a "Shootout loss".

An overtime loss is more akin to getting "kicked in the berries".

Anonymous said...

hunter1909 - this IS the definitive version of "moral victory".

Oilers lost.

Yet MacTavish's follies are on a 1 game win streak, the way people are talking.

I would have written 3 game win streak, but we all know that's impossible with this team.

I feel like a wet blanket, so I'll stop here. Enjoy the OT point!

jon said...

I like the changeover of the schedule calender. Moral victories can never be sullied in our minds and in our hearts, etc.

She said...
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She said...

For you, Chris!-

Hot Doorknob is in.

She said...
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Jonathan said...

About time. As I said a few days ago:
"12. Allan Rourke- has 42 career NHL games, and despite the fact that his name causes irrational fear, he's probably a better option than 3-4 guys ahead of him on this list. Currently has 7 points in 12 games in the AHL."

I just hope I'm right. If he can come in and deliver 10-15 steady minutes a night, even if he never gets another NHL point, I'll be satisfied. Think Alain Nasreddine last year.