Monday, November 19, 2007

Something for the scrapbook...

Hey, lookit here: David Staples has written a story in the Edmonton Journal about the Oilogosphere, or less commonly, “the Bloilggers,” a term that I coined although it never really caught on (… the wisdom of crowds, my ass).

I’m happy with my quotes in the story, as I spent most of my discussion with Staples making fun of web boards and Oilers fans in general, which in retrospect is probably not the best way to ingratiate myself to readers unfamiliar to the blog. Staples, to his credit, restrained himself from making looking like a nasty little Toronto troll, spewing invective from under the CN Tower.

There isn’t a lot of new ground covered in the story, but a couple of things stand out: at some point Colby Cosh told Andy Grabia to “grow a pair,” and we finally get to see Lowetide, the father Abraham of Oilers blogs, unmasked, looking not unlike the composite portrait I posted a few weeks ago. Also, there’s an extended interview with Tyler over on Staple’s blog which made for a nice read with my morning latte.

Sadly, Pat over at Black Dog Hates Skunks wasn’t in the story, although his blog is a must-read for me and always good for a few zingers. Pat’s taking it in stride, I think, and it’s also worth mentioning that he’ll be visiting Edmonton for the first time ever this week, so please, show the dude a good time and refrain usual customary habit of stabbing an outsider, as I can vouch for him.

In the meantime, I’m going to cash in on my undergraduate degree and post one of favourite poems about dogs, "Black Labrador" by David Young, which I think about whenever Pat throws up a picture of his blog's namesake (although it looks to be more of a run-of-the-mill mutt than a Labrador).

That's right. This blog posts poetry. Do you think you can handle that!?

Churchill called his bad visits from depression a big black dog.

We have reversed that, Winston. We've named him Nemo, no one, a black hole where light is gulped invisible by night:

by day, when light licks everything to shine, a black silk coat ablaze with inky shade. He's our black lab, wherein mad scientists concoct excessive energy.

It snows, and he bounds out, inebriate of cold. The white flakes settle on his back and neck and nose and make a little universe.

It's best to take God backward; even sideways

He is too much to contemplate, "a deep but dazzling darkness," as Vaughan says.

And so I let my Nemo-omen lead me onward and on toward that deep dark I'm meant to enter, entertain, when my time comes . . .

The day wheels past, a creaky cart.

I study the rippling anthracite that steadies me, the tar, the glossy licorice, the sable; and in this snowfall that I should detest, late March and early April, I'm still rapt to see his coat so constellated, starred, re-starred, making a comic cosmos


garnet said...

Jeez, Mike, you were the only CiO guy in Staples' piece who didn't give his age. So you're 43. So what?

mike w said...

Garnet, ixnay on ourty-six fay.

Black Dog said...

Thank you for the kind words sir, but "run-of-the-mill-mutt"? I will have you know that he is a purebred St.Peter's PEI Waterhound.
That is, his mother was a border collie was was doing it on the sly with the neighbour's black lab.

Well, in any case, he's not run of the mill.

Now excuse me while I continue with the absinthe.

mike w said...

I knew I'd get your goat with that.

Black Dog said...

Good poem though. Wasn't David Young the lead singer of Styx?

anj said...


Andy Grabia said...


Never fails. You write for free, on your own site, and someone's pissed off because you aren't writing what they want you to write about.

mike w said...

Call down the dogs, Andy.

It's a joke. Andrew's a pal.

mike w said...


David S said...

I'm surprised you didn't write that when you started this whole blog thing, you thought you were supposed to be watching Pat's back. But then it turned out he was watching yours. Proceeded by a well-timed sob or two.

Seriously, nice to see you guys get some ink for real.

Andy Grabia said...

Call down the dogs, Andy.

It's a joke. Andrew's a pal.

NOOO!!! I must destroy all in my path!!!

Sorry, Andrew.

Kirsten said...

Congrats on getting in the Journal. Good to see many of my favorite Oilers bloggers getting the recognition they deserve for entertaining me during classes.