Monday, November 5, 2007

This about sums it up


mike w said...

I believe Smid is saying something like "Eeee."

It occurred to me that after reading Lowetide's game day thread that I now officially enjoy reading Oilers blogs more than actually watching actual Oilers games.

The Human Torch said...

We are the worst motherfucking team in the universe.

Of course, expecting our useless fucktard of a GM to do sweet jack shit about the myriad of problems plaguing this what can only laughably be referred to as a "team" is like expecting the Niagra Goddamn Falls to suddenly decide to run back UP the fucking cliff face and scamper back to the Atlantic.


I should not post when I've been drinking. At least I can say what I really want here, unlike the profanity-filtering HF.

mike w said...

I should not post when I've been drinking

It's okay, buddy. I've been there.

Drinking just makes us feel so much sometimes, especially when you are a fan of what is now officially the worst team in the league.

Plus, Dustin Penner is fat.

The Human Torch said...

I prefer to think of it as "self-medication."

rickibear said...

Human torch:
1oz Scotch (Johnny Red)
1oz Jack Daniels
1oz Yukon Jack
1oz Peach schnapps
1oz OJ
Touch of Grenadine

3 or 4 of those during the game and you will sleep.
With the lights on and your eyes open, but you will sleep.

Pleasure Motors said...

It occurred to me that after reading Lowetide's game day thread that I now officially enjoy reading Oilers blogs more than actually watching actual Oilers games.

That's because Sportsnet never gives you drink recipes.

Anonymous said...

It hurts real bad, even from so far away. Courage fellow Coiler fans...

I read a fairly critical article the other day from Fat Jones, a normally reliable Coiler mouthpiece /douchebag concerning this team's toughness. If even the Fat Man is turning on this team that is surely some good sign, no? Could this type of public castigation signify that even the Kool-Aid drinkers have seen through K-Lowe's bullshit?


Anonymous said...

hunter1909 - What's REALLY funny(for all the wrong reasons) are MacT's post game comments.

court said...

Ugh. That game was a dissapointment on so many levels.


Chris! said...

Just watched the highlights on Yahoo after listening to the first 40 minutes on the radio last night, and by god our defensive coverage was terrible. Minnesota looked like they could have strolled around in our zone all night. Defence was scrambling, no effort by the forwards at all, and doesn't help that Roloson and Garon let in an unscreened softie from 50+ feet, either.

This team looks every bit like the one that closed out last season. And dammit, that's something we should never have to see again.

Really, I don't want to be so negative about this, but christ. If this keeps up, MacT is gone. He just has to be. The situation seems completely out of his hands.

One positive: Nice goal by Horcoff.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

atleast we have Horcoff.

Anonymous said...

I bet Nylander is KILLING himself for not signing here!

City of Champions WHOOOOOO!!111


court said...

Here's a video my coach * sent around today:>link

Somebody want to forward it to MacT??

* of a team of middle-aged suburban moms who have been playing hockey for about two years. That's the approximate skill level of the Oilers blueline, yeah?

Jonathan said...

Garon's sporting a pretty heavy frown for a guy who's about to get some playing time. I bet Curtis Sanford starts shaking with excitement when Luongo plays poorly.

Lord Bob said...

Garon's sporting a pretty heavy frown for a guy who's about to get some playing time

How jacked up would you be at the thought of spending sixty minutes watching Bryan Young and Denis Grebeshkov smashing into each other at centre ice while Sakic and Hejduk go in two-on-zero?

Every game Garon plays this year probably reduces his future free agent haul by $50,000.

buddy said...

Hey, come on guys, Dustin Luper scored last night! Our future is bright for the next four years!

Seriously, can somebody lay out for me what role on the team Luper fills that Brad Winchester didn't, at a fraction of the price?

Pleasure Motors said...

Garon's sporting a pretty heavy frown for a guy who's about to get some playing time.

In the interest of accuracy, I should probably point out that this photo is actually from last Saturday's Nashville game, presumably taken at about the time of the EN goal, which probably explains the look of frustration.

Having said that, I really don't think there will be a more perfect encapsulation of the Oilers' current season, unless someone happens to snap a shot of Kevin Lowe in a poo-stained bed, with Joni Pitkanen clutching his knee to one side and Shawn Horcoff openly weeping on the other. Maybe there is also a die-hard Oilers fan passed out at the foot of the bed, 24-pack of Molson Canadian sprinkled like so many rose petals around his portly body, puke staining his one-size-too-small Sheldon Souray Rbk Edge jersey.

garnet said...

The news just gets more disturbing for Oilers fans.

If you don't have time to follow the link, let me sum up: Comrie. Duff. Lapdance.

James Mirtle said...

Penner is fat.

Anonymous said...

"Look you guys, stop dissing the Oilers already. We've given you a lot of fun over the years". Kevin Lowe

Black Dog said...

garnet - you say lapdance and expect me not to find the time to follow the link?

I've cleared my schedule.

mike w said...

The pretty actress - who shot to fame in kids' TV show Lizzie maguire - treated her ice hockey star boyfriend MIKE COMRIE to the saucy performance at exclusive New York hot spot Tenjune.

A partygoer said: "Hilary was having a wild night, drinking Veuve Clicquot straight out of the bottle.

"She looked nothing like the sweet little Lizzie Maguire she once was as she treated Mike to a series of raunchy lap dances.


Paulus said...

Perhaps I live a sheltered life, but I'd never refer to a lapdance, especially one administered by Hilary Duff, as being raunchy. How about titillating?

garnet said...

That's why you'll never work for a British tab, Paulus.

Lord Bob said...

You know, that article had no impact on me. I already want to shoot Mike Comrie, so what was going to happen? I'd want to up the calibre of the gun I shot him with? Come on. If he and Pronger got together to club baby seals and advocate Quebec seperatism, I would remain non-plussed.

Anonymous said...

hunter1909 - Reading today's quotes from the team and coach, made me want to puke.

Especially MacTavish,who talks as if something will happen - other than him getting fired by the end of the month.

Chris O said...

Mac T was resigned to this kind of season weeks ago. You could hear it in his voice when he was justifying why losing games was a positive thing for them. If he wanted to, he could be out of there by the end of the month. He just has to say that losing is acceptable.

Chris O said...