Monday, November 5, 2007

This team is extremely hard to cheer for

A familiar sight this season.

The Oilers are staggering into tonight's match against Minnesota, seemingly the 37th game we've played against the Wild this season. This is automatically a tape-and-fast-forward-later situation, as I happened to make the mistake of glancing at our starting defensive corps:

Grebeshkov Gilbert
Smid Staios
Young Tarnstrom

Mathieu "Mind Fog" Roy

Huh. We're one more injury from calling up some smoke and hot doorknobs. And now rumour has it that Ales Hemsky may not be in the game tonight, and is almost certainly not 100% with an upper body injury.

The question I have is: what will it take for Kevin Lowe to make a trade? Pitkanen, Greene and Souray aren't coming back anytime soon, and the Oilers have an abundance of forward prospects that are on the cusp of being NHL players. I don't expect this team to make the playoffs, but there's a difference between rebuilding and not plugging glaring holes. As with last year, I'm not interested in watching a blue line full of Junior players and Lowe should have enough professional pride in not handing three extra-high picks to Anaheim in next year's draft.

Anyway, um, Goilers.


Chris! said...

Man, this team needs to find a way to make me care, and fast.

It's only a matter of time until the fan base realizes they're being sold an ill-managed, inferior product. How much longer can the media polish this turd until it crumbles in their hands?

Inspiration, we need you.

MetroGnome said...

I hear Richard Matvichuk is on waivers...Just saying. Also, you guys can have Eriksson, no charge. Just take him, please...

mike w said...

I was going to mention Matvichuk, but he's well past his sell-by date and rumour has it that he uses a chair to skate on the ice.

Pleasure Motors said...

Hemsky's hurt now, too?

This team couldn't have any more injuries if they were fighting at Ypres. If we do redesign the uniforms for next year, they better be made out of packing foam and splints.

mike w said...

And you know who else is hurt?

Me. The fan.

It hurts so bad.

sacamano said...

It is times like these that you, reluctantly, have to admit to some admiration for Leaf fans.

No matter how bad their organization is, they just keep on spending money, wasting radio call-in bandwidth, and reading the same newspaper articles over and over and over again.

I barely have the willpower to check the scoreboard.

another mike w said...

yikes. grim, guys, grim. let's not forget that we beat the wild last time with timely goaltending and superior shoot-out skill.

reasons to care:
1. aformentioned 1 game win streak against minnesota
2. boogaard not playing = raffi fun times, perhaps an almost-late open-ice special on gaborik?
3. it isn't on PPV! no gene p. embarrasing segways and dressing room invasions!

sacamano said...

The fact that there are two Mike W's is reason enough to get out of bed in the morning

Chris! said...

Alright! Tuned in to 620 CHED just in time for the start of Minnesota's patented slow bleed.

Scoring first would probably help. We should try it sometime.

Chris! said...

"This guy is the worst hockey player in the world!"

Classic comment from Rod on Boogaard. He tried to backtrack it, but damn.

Andy Grabia said...

3-0 Minny at the end of the 1st? With Demitra and Gaborik out? Turn off the televisions and radios now, my friends. You'd be better off watching Two & A Half Men.

Black Dog said...

Lowetide has the rundown on what else is on tonight - its some funny shit.

The Oilers are just shit.

Chris! said...

Yep. 4-0. Fuck this. I'm surprised I listened this long.

Great work, Oilers.

Andy Grabia said...

I'm really proud of the fact that I haven't watched or listened to single second of this game.

d said...

I think I'm going to give up.

Anonymous said...

Well, my div. 3 campus rec team could have beaten the Oilers tonight. but let's look for some positives.

1. horcoff: had 1 goal, almost had two. he's real fired up from macT's assertion that he's not, "despite all his strengths, a 100-pt a season guy." don't think horc is leading the team in points, but IMO he's been the most captain-like presence on the ice this year. glad we still have him.

2. penner: played the same game as always and happened to get 2 points tonight. not great but you can't really trash a 2-pt night.

that's about it for positives.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love this douchebag Oiler mouthpiece (pictured here with Dick Tarnstrom). I can't stand this team's management and propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

LittleFury said...

Sac: Funny thing about the Leafs. They've made the playoffs six times in the last ten year sto the Oilers' five. Made the final four in a couple of those as well, which is more than any team from Oil Country has done since the last Clinton was president (I've been reading LT's as well) except for that one in 05-06, but I'm pretty sure that never really happened.

What's it say that I'd be shitting rainbows if this Oilers team was more like the Leafs?


Anonymous said...

"mind fog Roy" - priceless.

Anonymous said...

hunter1909- We're the new California Golden Seals.

Jonathan said...

Wow. We have an AHL calibre blueline. Currently, I'm in one of those cynical moods, so let me break down the Oiler's defensive depth for you.

1. Steve Staios- is our best all-round defender. This list is not off to a good start.
2. Joni Pitkanen- before his injury, he was living up to his reputation-physical tools, but all kinds of funny decision making and headcase-like plays.
3. Sheldon Souray- perpetual injury risk comes equipped with poor mobility and a massive salary.
4. Tom Gilbert- Pronounced Gil-bear, like Col-bear. Okay, that's probably not true.
5. Matt Greene- big, stupid defender finally looked like he was taking the next step, so he broke his ankle. Expect him to revert to form on his return, except he'll now also be less physical and more tentative.
6. Dick Tarnstrom- with Souray and Pitkanen out, still managed to be a healthy scratch.
7. Denis Grebeshkov- Bergeron's replacement combines erratic defense with erratic offense.
8. Mathieu Roy- will never play 10 consecutive NHL games (because of injuries or lack of talent- you decide!)
9. Ladislav Smid- 21 years old and swimming in the deep end.
10. Bryan Young- has 6 assists in 77 professional games (4 of which came in the ECHL). Including his 2002-03 season with the Lindsay Muskies of the OPJHL, he is averaging 1 goal every 155 games.
11. Danny Syvret- offensive d-man has 1 assist in 26 games. Sadly, this means he's still way ahead of J-F Jacques.
12. Allan Rourke- has 42 career NHL games, and despite the fact that his name causes irrational fear, he's probably a better option than 3-4 guys ahead of him on this list. Currently has 7 points in 12 games in the AHL.

garnet said...

Smid and Grebs each played 23 minutes last night. Yikes.

grease trap said...

My favorite defender is Young Tarnstrom, but all I saw was same old Tarnstrom.