Monday, December 24, 2007

And a good Oilxmas to you!

Excellent Christmas to all!

For all of you non-believers wondering what all of the fuss is about, Jesus Christ was a jolly, old man dressed in a red suit who liked to give out toys to kids every December and offer well-meaning but ultimately impractical advice, like "turn the other cheek." We like to celebrate his legacy by eating Reindeer-shaped sugar cookies and placing peppermint sticks on freshly-chopped coniferous trees. As with Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret," the "true meaning of Christmas" is elusive but very, very real. I usually re-discover it at about my 8th eggnog into Christmas Eve, yelling at Alastair Sim "for being a dick" in the 1951 black-and-white version of A Christmas Carol. Then I break down and cry. After that I usually shuffle off to bed, unless a late screening of Gremlins is on, of course.

So yeah. Happy Holidays, Edmontonians. I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle for Ales Hemsky's knee. Then again, this team kind of sucks so it doesn't matter.

PS: I was delighted to notice that of all of the shoppers at WEM today wearing Oilers jerseys, none of them were wearing the current "apron strings" Rbk Edge version.


mike w said...

PPS: I won't say what I first thought Santa was holding when I Googled the image for this post.

David S said...

Merry Christmas Mike, Chris! and PM. Tomorrow is another day, and so the hope of a winning Oilers team goes on. *sigh*

mike w said...

Likewise, David S: Merry Christmas.

Chris! said...

I saw a guy at Kingsway today wearing one of the apron string jerseys. You just don't realize how truly ill-conceived they are until you see one up close. What are those rounded bottoms FOR?

Anyhow, merry Christmas, fellow Oiler nerds. It's always great to be back in Browntown.

Loxy said...

After the mulled wine last night, Predator was on.

Nothing says Christmas like Carl Weathers.

Happy Festivus to all.

Andy Grabia said...


Erin, where is my Christmas greeting? WTF? I gave you board games and a fiance!!!

Doogie said...

I thought my family was the only one on Earth that watched the '51 version of A Christmas Carol. It's fantastic.