Saturday, December 1, 2007

Blogs featured on HNIC

Ron MacLean reads Tyler's blog! Also nice to see the faces behind Japer's Rink,
Kukla's Korner and On Frozen Blog. Nice stuff.


Andy Grabia said...

Ron MacLean reads Tyler's blog!

Tyler is finally vindicated. He's been saying it for a year and a half.

MacLean's comments about agendas and who is actually in control at the end of the segment were fantastic.

Lord Bob said...

Lost in the hubbub is the most important question: which commenter is Ron McLean?

My money's on reggie jr.

Anonymous said...

The truth can be set free: Lowetide aka Lain Babcook aka Allan Mitchell is really Ron MacLean.

Also, Dennis is Al Strachan.

Sean said...

The line is blurry between fandom and journalism? What about between ownership and journalism?

Dennis said...

That was harsh, Tyler.