Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The many shades of overtime

Well, ownership of the Oilers took a turn for the murkier today, with an exasperated Darryl Katz subtly questioning EIG's own sense of accountability and transparency to the public, a sentiment that has been echoed by the Oilogosphere since EIG planted the idea of a new arena in the first place:

"I think they owe an equal duty to come clean about any involvement members of the Board may have in fashioning an alternative bid, how much debt they plan to assume to retain ownership, and what commitments they are prepared to make to help secure a new arena for the Oilers and a training facility at the University of Alberta, which remains very much a part of my plans if my offer is accepted."

Yep. In the meantime, a rare treat in the form of something known as a "victory." Joni Pitkanen is the straw that stirs the drink on this team, Tom Gilbert the ice cubes, Ethan Moreau the carbonation, and uh... Fernando Pisani the glass which keeps liquid offence from spilling goals onto to the new, white IKEA throw rug, which is the St. Louis Blues offence? Runaway, non-sensical metaphors aside, I've got to hand it to that big oaf Dustin Penner; he's looking better and better with each game.

Above is a very special movie I made, called "The many shades of overtime," shot at Boston Pizza downtown, a real happening nightspot in Edmonton with crazy sports shit on the walls. Please do enjoy.


garnet said...

Is Horcoff the coaster? Or does that sound bad? Maybe he's the waitress who offers free refills.

Scarlett said...

I finally caught the last of the Oscar hopefuls! Good luck during award season!

anj said...

i thought you'd never enter a boston pizza

Anonymous said...

I used to love boston brutes. With meatsauce. Delicious!

Tough to be a fan right now. However nice OT goal by Pudge Penner. Also more amazing Gumby saves by Garon. From what I saw Sanderson was really flying last game too, I wish he would score some goals.


Anonymous said...

Until recently calling #10 "Non-Stop Pop" would have been both fitting and fun. Ah fuck it, let's call him that anyways.


NYRFAN said...

Nice blog. I run a New York Rangers blog and just set a link over to your site in prep for tonight's game. Check it out: