Saturday, January 5, 2008


Edmonton 3 (SO)
NY Rangers 2

Wait! I love this feeling! A win! Holy shit! I feel downright virile! Stanley Cup! Edmonton! Anthony Henday Drive! Firstly, I have to admit that I threw back a couple pints in my neighborhood shitty bar that only plays Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots, and I was oddly surrounded by genuine New Yawkers, or at least, perverse New Jersians in town for the International Bowl that must cheer for the New York Rangers for some reason, so the game had an oddly dramatic outcome that I'm not used to in Toronto. Nevertheless, if I sound oddly mercurial about this shit team, blame it on the sauce.

Being at work, I didn't see all of the game but I few things stand out: Marty Reasoner taking for the team where it counts most - in the testicles; two glittering powerplay gemstone goals, Shawn Horcoff's ongoing campaign for Sexual Mayor; Sam Gagner's EA Sports control-stick gamesmanship; and best of all, Mathieu Garon getting that much closer to convincing everyone that he's a bonafide starter, capping off the night by stoning two dinks: Sean Avery and Jaromir Jagr. Eat that Avery, you Dior-wearing metrosexual!

Tonight felt frankly like 2006. I'll take it.


Kirk said...

Love the pic; shows just how lost Avery looked tonight.

Was it just me or was this Stoll's best game of the year?


Stan the Caddy said...

Only Pearl Jam and STP? There's not nearly enough good music there to fill an evening, but it could have been worse. Ever been to Toby's? If the 99 cent burger doesn't make you hurl, the contents of the jukebox will.

Anonymous said...

Worth fast forwarding through:

McLea said...

Kelly Hrudey is the most self-satisfied piece of shit in Canada. I would love to punch that smug look off his face.

"Look at his nail polish, look at his designer clothes, look at him stick his tongue out at the camera. We need more people like him in the league."

Shut the fuck up Hrudey. I guess we all just dream we could be 100% certified man like you.

grease trap said...

What mclea said, but the opposite.

Eyeris said...

Did you happen to see Avery's NYT Magazine Q&A piece. I think there's a painting of a giant Chanel logo and a naked chick above his bed. I'm not kidding.

Steve said...

Okay, I know Avery's a better player offensively than you'd expect a filthy racist douchebag with an I.Q. of 72 to be, but does it really make sense to put him in the shootout over Shanahan or Drury? Really?

(And okay, he might not actually be a racist so much as a guy who figures racial slurs are okay if they throw an opponent off his game or cause him to retaliate with a penalty. Subtle difference, I guess. But still: fuck.)

Scarlett said...

I think many people missed the Duff song playing because who seriously listens to crap like that? Okay okay, maybe 10 year old girls. :)