Friday, February 1, 2008

Bold. Unconventional. Uncompromising.

Reading John MacKinnon's fairly confusing column about the impending trade deadline (I think he's arguing that GMs should make blockbuster trades so that hockey fans will have something to remember, but that would be entirely ridiculous, although I suppose he does have deadlines), I was struck by two passages. Since I still have absolutely nothing to say about this team (well, short of "FUCK!" in various tones, pitches and accents), what say we take a look at them?

The first, in reference to Leaf fans:

"As insufferable as that crowd can be while it grinds away in deepest mediocrity, one shudders to imagine them talking the talk after a successful deal."

I'm not going to debate the insufferability of Leafs fans, but "grinds away in deepest mediocrity" is a pretty haughty piece of horseshit from someone who follows the Oilers. Much as we can (and should, relentlessly) crap on the Leafs, in the past 10 seasons, they've played in 13 playoff series (including two Conference Finals), winning seven; in the same time, our merry band of un-mediocrities has won five of 12. There are other things at play here (market size and such), but we haven't been anything but mediocre (and frequently, such as the last 80 games or s0, been much worse) since about 1990.

"Lowe takes a back seat to no one on the boldness scale. Last year he set the bar mighty high, first trading Smyth, then signing Dustin Penner to an offer sheet.
Rock 'n' roll."

MacKinnon is technically right about this, but the archly approving tone is mildly frustrating. You know what would be better than boldness? Shrewdness. Not-suckingness. Not-repeatedly-picking-up-whatever-Ducks-winger-scored-29-goals-the-previous-season-ness. (Although, on that note, why does he mention an offer sheet in a column about the need for bold trades?)

Regardless, you know how Edmonton fans and media tend to shit all over defenceman who are constantly trying to make the big play and getting burned because of it (Poti, Bergeron, Grebs, to some extent)? What Lowe's doing is the same thing, and he's getting praised for it; apparently we want our defencemen to be level-headed and safe until they make it to the front office. Trading Shawn Horcoff for the touring cast of Shoop-a-doop: Salt 'N' Pepa Live 4eva would be unquestionably bold. It would also be unquestionably rock and roll, though not at all in the sense MacKinnon means it.

Anyway, the Oilers play tonight, but I have much better things to do than spend my Friday evening feeling the will to live slip silently into the cold, dark night. Regardless: GOILERS.


Kirk said...

Since this was about the trade deadline, I feel obligated to point out that your Spector link is dead.




Chris! said...

Thanks, Kirk. Been meaning to fix that.

Jeff J said...

"Trading Shawn Horcoff for the touring cast of Shoop-a-doop: Salt 'N' Pepa Live 4eva..."

That one would be bad for both teams.

Scarlett said...

Something is not right when the Leaves are actually a more winning team than our beloved Oilers. It feels hypocritical to bash the Leaves while our team is just as suck-worthy. It won't stop me but it just doesn't feel as good!

Andy Grabia said...

You know what would be better than boldness? Shrewdness.