Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Souray out for season

And the punchline is: it doesn't matter at all.

Ha ha! WHOO!!


Anonymous said...

Over 2 million per goal. Thanks Lowe. What a piano tied to our asses for the next four years. We should make a pool that guesses just how many games Souray play in an OIlers uniform until his contract ends. I'm going to say less than 180, which is one game shy of 50 per year from here on in.

grease trap said...

Whoa, look at his body. It's all like,"Hey! Why didn't anybody tell me my ass was so big?"

Chris! said...

Fifty's a good bet, considering that's about what he's averaged per season in his 10 years in the league.

Looking back at the number of games this guy has missed since going pro, it simply boggles the mind as to why any GM who claims to be hanging onto a thread of sanity could sign Souray to this term, for this money.

1997-98: 60 GP
1998-99: 70 GP
1999-00: 19 GP
2000-01: 52 GP
2001-02: 34 GP
2003-04: 63 GP
2005-06: 75 GP
2006-07: 81 GP
2007-08: 26 GP

All I want is Lowe to admit what a load of shit this contract was. That's all I want in this world.

Heather said...

50? I should take bets...
Like "Fred" Penner is going to score 25 goals this season?
I'll believe it when I see it.

Jamie said...

I don't get it. Punch line or not... is the "Wahoo" meant to be said in a self-defeating sort-of-way? Perhaps a "Wahoo, I told you so!"?
I remember back when we never really knew a player's salary (pre-Gretzky trade). Back then, when an injury occured to a potentially good contributor, we were sad. We were sad because the team lost his services.
How very bizarre that the same situation today illicits anger towards a GM for making an investment with money that is property of the EIG (soon to be Katz). We as fans have adopted the idea that this money is ours to talk about also.
Souray's situation has be lousy. Would CinO have done the same posting had hypothetically the Oilers had Mikael Nylander go down for the season?!
The sarcasm and contempt seems misguided.
I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

Steve said...

But we got mad about bad trades back in the day, didn't we? But why would we care about an exchange of rights for the exclusive services of an individual who isn't us, such exchange occurring between two millionaires who also aren't us?

Welcome to professional sports fandom.

Chris! said...

Jamie: Souray's injury illicits anger towards Lowe because it was so obvious injuries were going to be a problem with him -- and this, ostensibly, is why we passed on Ryan Smyth, if you recall (well, that and the whole "elite player" smokescreen).

Bringing on a defenceman with Souray's history of sitting on the sidelines (averaging 50 games a season, as we noted earlier in this thread), and signing him long-term to a club-debilitating contract was just a dumb move. It's plainly obvious.

True, the EIG's money isn't ours to complain about, but the on-ice product is. Without fans, there is no revenue.

Anyhow, I think you missed my (admittedly obtuse) point, which was: Souray is gone for the season, and given his history, this should be a surprise to no one. And the punchline is, it doesn't even matter, because the year is already in the tank.

Jay said...


The EIG's money isn't ours to complain about, but Souray's cap hit negatively affects our team in that we can't just go out and replace him. The cap is a zero-sum game, and an injured Souray reduces Lowe's abaility to get a player that could actually help.

If there was no salary cap, and the EIG/Katz had an infinite amount of dollars, then I would take your point.