Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lowe Horcs up an extension/Reasoner's gone!

Shawn Horcoff thinks about blasting his quads.

I like the deal ($33 million over 6 years = $5.5 million) although it's by no means a bargain. That said, did we really want to wait until next July to see what kind of pile of money the Thrashers or Leafs might throw at him?

A few thoughts:

- In terms of offensive production, Horcoff has averaged .83 points per game over the last three seasons, nudging towards the top 50 scorers in the league. Whatever Shawn Horcoff doesn't have in elite counting numbers he makes for as a strong two-way, even strength, quality-of-competition gobbler.

- I've seen worse contracts, like almost every other UFA signing since the lockout. Since Horcoff spends most of his off-season rivaling Rod Brind'Amour as the Most Fit Guy in the NHL, I'm not worried that the contract expires when he's 36.

- Dwayne Roloson's salary comes off the books next year, which makes Horcoff's salary easier to swallow. All in all, Kevin Lowe has done a pretty good job this summer.

And the Reasoner was Yoooooouuuu

And so a delightful chapter in Oilers history closes as the gregarious utility forward signs with Atlanta. It kind of sucks to lose the veteran depth, but with guys like Kyle Brodziak developing suddenly a poor-skating 31 year-old became expendable. Rest assured Marty, if you ever need to crash in Edmonton there will always be a few thousand college dudes' couches waiting for you -- and feel free to help yourself to anything from the fridge.


Jonathan said...

Finally, with Reasoner signing in Atlanta, the theory will be put to the ultimate test- do nice guys finish last, or just 29th?

Black Dog said...

Jonathan - that's a beaut!

Kirsten said...

I love that Kyle Brodziak is awesome and everything, but he's not very entertaining.

Vancouver might help Reasoner finish 29th. It's almost funny how incompetent their GM seems to be.