Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The majesty of the first NHL goal

Just because I'm going to stab my eyes out with a car flag if I read another potential Oilers lineup, I thought I'd toss up a little hockey bon-bon to while away the summer.

For all of us who will never even get the chance, a celebration of the biggest dream a hockey-playing could have.

Evgeni Malkin, October 18, 2006

A pretty dirty goal for a guy who might be the Mark Messier to Crosby's Wayne Gretzky. (In the scoring sense, that is; I don't expect Malkin to be busting his stick over someone's back anytime soon.)

Sidney Crosby, October 8, 2005

Speaking of The Crosby, remember the date up top, because it is already a trivia question at the Monday Night Pub Quiz at the Druid (I assume). I can't help but think that witnessing history was a lot more portentous when there wasn't YouTube and DVRs and such. My Grandmother had some great stories about seeing Grezky's 50-in-39 game, whereas any stories I have for the young whippersnappers will probably include the words "I blew it up to full-screen!" somewhere in there.

Still feels important to see, though.

Sam Gagner, October 20, 2007

Though it's an easy tap-in, this is actually a pretty good display of why Gagner will probably be a special player: he knows where to be in the offensive zone. Maybe that seems a little obvious, but there's a whole lot of players, especially Oiler drafts, who don't seem to quite appreciate how important patience and positioning is to offence (think of say, Brett Hull, pushing off to the higher slot for a better shooting angle and such). This is a bit right-place-right-time, but you have to have some sense to be there.

Anyway, I hope he scores 500 more, all of them in an Oilers uniform. Or, you know, at least 200 or so, and then 300 more in, say, a Chicago Blackhawks uniform? Just not as a Canuck or a Leaf, please.

Andrew Cogliano, October 8, 2007

One of the many reasons why I'll miss Joni Pitkanen. But anyway, pretty solid positioning here, too. I hope both these dudes stick around a while.

Mario Lemieux, Oct 11, 1984

First game, first shift, first shot, all that. Talk about setting high standards. Seriously, though, is Lemieux not at least just a little bit of a dick for essentially making the perfect debut? How is anyone supposed to follow this?

Jonathan Toews, October 10, 2007

See, even this ridiculously nice goal in his first NHL game by a player who could well be a hall of famer doesn't quite compare. Mario Lemieux=just a world-class prick

Marian Gaborik, October 6, 2000

Marian Gaborik gets his first goal in his first game, and it also happens to be the first goal in the history of the Minnesota Wild. Still kind of pales in comparison to Lemieux.

Sheldon Souray, Dec 16, 1996

The date listed on the video is wrong, according to the Oilers site. Anyway, this was probably bigger than it seems now, as Souray didn't score too many goals in NJ. The funny thing is, pretty much every Souray goal since then looks exactly the same. Only the jerseys change.

Braydon Coburn, March 4, 2007

Not that I will ever play in the NHL, nor, even if I did, would I ever score a goal, but if I did, it would be of this variety. And I would take it.

Ladislav Smid, February 22, 2007

This clip is notable both because it's surely the only time you'll ever the phrase "Joffrey Lupul backchecking" and as a perfect illustration of why Rob Brown is a terrible colour commentator. All he's doing is describing exactly what he sees.

Frans Nielsen, February 15, 2007

The first-ever NHL goal by a Danish player, though it doesn't technically count as a goal on his stat sheet. Talk about encouragement to get a second goal.

Patrick Thöresen, October 13, 2006

Speaking of nationalities that don't have too many goals, sail on, Ëlëctrïc Nörsëmänüüü¨¨¨¨. Hope you make it back to these NHL parts someday.

Anze Kopitar, October 6, 2006

I couldn't verify this, but I assume it's the first-ever NHL goal by a Slovene. That's just a damn pretty goal, too: that's CFP he blows by, before he shelfs it over Giguere. Kopitar is just a stupidly talented player: if he played in Toronto, the TSN jizz levels would be almost Crosbyesque.

Zach Stortini, February 12, 2007

Suggestion for new Zack Stortini nickname: Tini Bopper. As pretty a goal as you'll ever see the man score, I'm sure.

Matt Greene, December 15, 2006

Matt Greene shows a flash of usefulness.

Anyway, I could go on forever. Any particular favourites you have that aren't up there?


Paul said...

You forgot to point out that lemieux's first came after he stripped Ray Bourque, a Hall of Fame defenceman.

Black Dog said...

I love Toews but potential hall of famer after one year in the league?


uni said...

Toews has all the skills and was scoring at a damn impressive rate. I read it as he has the potential to be a hall of famer with his skillset.

Also on that last goal, Greene, Stoll, and Torres were all on the ice. Makes me sad. If only he could do that on a nightly basis =). I'll miss all three of those guys.

I sure hope Cole is everything we hoped Torres would be, then signs long term at around 3 million per for a few years, Lubo makes me forget about Pitkanen in a hurry, and Brule miraculously rediscovers his mojo and turns out to be the second coming of Theoren Fleury without the crippling personal demons to battle with.

If Brule turns into a Fleury type I would just be delirious...I loved that little ball of hate (always thought it was more suitible to him than to Verbeek).

Oilman said...

is Lemieux not at least just a little bit of a dick for essentially making the perfect debut? How is anyone supposed to follow this?

I'd suggest spinning while wearing a backless dress

Stan the Caddy said...

Where's Strudwick's?

Anonymous said...

Love this blog post! Small nitpick though, this link shows Souray's 1st as 12/16/97

Dan said...

How about J.F. Jacques? :)

DMFB said...

How about J.F. Jacques?


marriedtotheoil said...

I fear "Slap me silly Sidney" is something a certain broadcaster may be shouting out in his sleep.

Also, I love the look on MacT's face when Stortini scores. It's such a classic "I wasn't expecting that to happen!